These videos and podcasts demonstrate how organic sulfur is being administered in selected case studies and why a dietary source of sulfur is essential for our health.

1). The Importance of Sulfur in our Diet

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2). Autistic boy plays Für Elise on the piano after taking Organic Sulfur

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3). Injured dachshund walks again after being fed Organic Sulfur!

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4). Natural health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Rod Benjamin about Sulfur

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5). Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Stephanie Seneff about Sulfur (Part 1 of 7)

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6). Patrick McGean discusses sulfur on Clive DeCarle’s Health Revolution show in Nov 2014

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7). The Riddle of DMSO: 60 Minutes report with Dr. Stanley Jacob

Dr. Jacob began the DMSO movement that led to both MSM and Organic Sulfur
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Child with boom boxOrganic Sulfur For Health's supplier, Patrick McGean, hosts the Sulfur Radio Hour And One heard over the American Voice Radio Network on Thursdays 6-8pm PT. Click the audio player below to listen to Patrick provide answers to common questions about organic sulfur.

Patrick McGean explains to talk show host Rayelan Allan how organic sulfur differs from MSM (posted with permission from Radio RMN)

In addition, Organic Sulfur For Health sponsors Justin Elledge's Enlightened Health radio series heard Wednesdays 7-8pm PDT over the Awakened Radio Network). In March 2013, Dale Komai shared his health insights on organic sulfur during his guest appearance on Justin's radio show.

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