mylar bag sulfur 9lbs or less
$70.00 USD per 2-pak

Each 2-Pak consists of two, 1-pound mylar bags of organic sulfur. Shipped via USPS two-day priority mail. Up to four, two-paks (8 pounds) can be ordered at a time. Discount is automatically applied at checkout when ordering two or more.

United States $70.00 + shipping
Int’l (including Canada) $70.00 + shipping

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS: Postal and customs regulations require your phone number (including country code) and email address when ordering. Shipped via USPS. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.



mylar bag sulfur 9lbs or less
$272.00 USD for 9 pounds

Now available worldwide! Ships in medium sized USPS box that holds 9 pounds.

United States $272.00 + $24.00 shipping
Int’l (including Canada) see below for shipping costs

Canada $272.00 + $55.00 shipping
Australia/New Zealand/Malaysia $272.00 + $91.00 shipping
Other Int’l (Europe/Asia) $272.00 + $79.00 shipping




Order 10 or 15 pounds of Organic Sulfur
$280.00 USD for 10 pounds $400.00 USD for 15 pounds


If you are have a United States shipping address, you have the option of ordering 10 or 15 one-pound mylar bags of organic sulfur. Due to customs regulations and the high cost of shipping, we apologize that we are not shipping 10 or 15 pounds of organic sulfur outside of the United States at this time. This purchase option may become available for our international customers in the near future. Check back on our store for updates. Please note: If you prefer unlabeled bags in this quantity, please let us know when you order.

10 lbs $280.00 + $24.00 shipping
15 lbs $400.00 + $24.00 shipping


18 or 36 one-pound mylar bags (unlabeled)
$435.00 USD for 18 pounds $815.00 USD for 36 pounds


For resellers, fitness centers, and medical professionals who want to put their branding on the 1-pound mylar bags and market them to their clientele. We can provide you with our standard label with your contact information for a one-time printing fee of $25, or you can forego the fee by supplying your own label. Choose either 18 or 36 bags. Available to U.S. destinations, only.

18 lbs $435.00 USD + shipping
36 lbs $815.00 USD + shipping

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