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Organic Sulfur For Health
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 7 reviews
 by Fiora
I have never felt better!

I am a 41 yr old woman and honestly I have not felt this good in more years than I can tell you. I have had acne since I was 14-yrs old, it never went away and NOW it's finally what I consider \"normal acne\" which means I get the occasional spot from time to time. It took a little couple weeks for my body to rid the toxins but I will NEVER stop taking this sulfur crystal.

I will mention as well that I bought another brand (which I won't mention as that's tacky) but this far surpasses their brand, which I was not getting the same results from. I just switched, reluctant to spend the extra money, to find that I will never go back to a cheaper brand/company.

Thank you Dr. McGean for all your research and all your continued work, you are a true warrior and I am forever grateful for all your sulfur research.

 by DJQ
Enhanced Circulation

I've utilized the sulfur crystals for the past year or so and can attest to enhanced circulation and energy. I've recommended this product to several people and suggest everyone supplement their diets with organic sulfur.

 by BetsyKay
I say miracle, you say sulfur

I’m an very active, 65 year old female who is still working full time at a demanding job in a big hospital. My knees, for the past few years, are not as young as the rest of me it would seem. They were abused by years of running (no more!) and so have become stiff and sore with some arthritis.

I began the sulfur about four weeks ago for other reasons. One day at work I noticed I could kneel easily to grab files and run up stairs without the usual ache. I thought perhaps I was just having a “good” day. Well, guess what? I’m now four weeks in and I wish you could see me do several deep knee bends without hesitation. I say miracle, you say sulfur!

 by K Martin
Part of my daily supplement regimen

Just started the sulfur as you know and all is excellent so far. And your service and responsiveness have been equally excellent. I'll give you a more detailed review after I've had a bit more experience with it. Suffice to say now it's a regular part of my daily supplement regimen.

 by Michele
I am very pleased with this wholesome product

I am very pleased with this wholesome product. Never had a problem with the packaging or delay in receiving this wonderful product. It does help in many ways, breathing easier, energy , circulation problems, heart problems, liver, arthritis pain of bones and muscles. I have taking it for a year now and did recommend it to so many friends ... My sons also use it and are very pleased with it ... I am taking it everyday and would not stop taking this marvellous product...!!! I will keep on buying this genuine product from this source . Thank you so much for this life saver product ! Cheers! Michele

 by Angee
My fibromyalgia has improved and so has my sex drive

I also have had great changes in the bedroom. But mainly my fibromyalgia has improved. I did go through an awful toxic reaction for two days, severe headaches vomiting diarrohea, but all this seems to have settled in the last day. I kept on with it and increased my dosage and geez I cant say how much better I feel. I can smell again, my body joints feel supple and I can hug my partner without any pain. It truly is a miracle.

 by Ted
Today the buzzing went away

I recently was subjected to some serious loud grinding metal noise nearly 2 weeks ago. I had one day last thursday when i hardly had any noise whatsoever. Then come Friday afternoon it all came back with a fury. But 90% in my left ear with buzzing. Today the buzzing went away. Still being tormented by the whisteling. I understand your theory on NAC. Cant hurt regardless , right? Ive recently been told about Fish Oil, Co Q10, Pycnogenol, & Ginkgo Biloba. Tried the Ginkgo one day at 120mg. Bad day for sure it was. However it gave me some relief. Wondering if thats why I had a nearly Tinnitus day off last Thursday? My next approach is Pycnogenol. Studies show its definitely 90% useful in reducing Tinnitus symptoms, especially in cases of loud noise induced tinnitus. Please Advise. Thank You.

2 thoughts on “Reviews

  • 2016-08-23 at 4:23 pm

    All sounds too good to be true. …where can I buy msm in Australia

    • 2016-08-23 at 7:12 pm

      Dave, while there currently isn’t a distributor in Australia, you can order the product from my website or another sulfur distributor such as Hesh Goldstein of Hawaii who has a worldwide clientele (http://www.healthtalkhawaii.com/products.html). I’ve successfully made sulfur deliveries to Australian destinations on at least a dozen occasions.


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