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You may have encountered recent recommendations from the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and various global leaders that we should substitute the consumption of crickets and other insects in place of traditional protein foods as a way to feed ourselves and fight climate change. 

I offer links and counter arguments articulated in four reports that warn of the many risks to human health that this dietary adjustment would bring about.

The farming and processing of edible insects for human and animal consumption appears to be gaining in popularity. However, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, there are risks to eating insects that have not been farmed with the correct biosecurity measures in place, and these risks are potentially dangerous to human and animal health.

Staff Reporter, farmer’s weekly, The possible dangers of eating insects, Oct 21, 202

The Bugs documentary follows a group of chefs and food researchers as they travel the world in search of delicious bugs and those who eat them. But despite their film’s title, Director Andreas Johnsen and Chef Roberto Flore aren’t out to convince you to put insects in your breakfast burrito. In fact, by and large, they’d prefer if you didn’t.

J. Travis Smith for Gear Patrol, Should We Be Eating Bugs? Two filmmakers delve into the world hunger problem through a many-legged lens, May 27, 2016.

It is still a waste of resources. Industry is dependent on wasted food. Insects also have a central nervous system and pain receptors. Calorie requirements can only be met with extreme masses of insects. No help in the fight against global insect mortality. More sustainable and animal-friendly alternatives from plants are there.

Christoph Schulz for CareElite, Eat insects? 6 reasons why we should do without them. July 21, 2021

The above question was posed by Vincent M. Holt in 1885 in his book of the same name, and now, having munched on a choice selection myself, I can offer an answer to that question: because they taste pretty awful and have a horrible texture to boot. The topic was also the subject of a TED talk, in which Marcel Dicke proclaimed that insects can hold their own against meat in terms of flavour. Well, perhaps we were eating the wrong insects, but I would have to disagree with Marcel on that one, based on my own recent experience.

Joseph Milton for Scientific American, Why not eat insects? I’ll give you a couple of reasons, Aug 29, 2011.
Is it safe to eat crickets and other insects?
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