Test your MSM

When manufactured conventionally into a powdered form, MSM loses its ability to grow the crystals that enable its sulfur component to open cell membranes and make them highly permeable so that oxygen can flood each cell and start its cellular repair work.

Do the following comparison test:
Take two identical drinking glasses from your kitchen cupboard. Place a teaspoon of OptiMSM (or your favorite MSM brand) in one and a teaspoon of our organic sulfur to another. Then add and dissolve a couple of ounces of hot water into both. Pour off or drink all but the last couple of drops, then let the two mixtures evaporate overnight. Compare the appearance of the bottom of both glasses the next day. See which glass closely resembles the following image and which one looks like of dried blob:

Dried organic sulfur crystals
Don’t make this mistake when ordering MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

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