Most MSM flakes, pills, and capsules lack full potency

Bergstrom Nutrition is the leading manufacturer of MSM in the United States and their flagship product is OptiMSM, which other marketers resell under their own brand name. For instance, Amazon lists a popular MSM supplement called Sulfur Defense that is the same product as OptiMSM.

My mentor, the late Patrick McGean, spent the last 20 years of his life testing nearly every MSM product on the market and found that most of them failed to provide significant health benefits because of the manufacturing processes that they undergo before being sold on the market.

Here are some of the common methods used to manufacture MSM supplements that inhibit our body’s ability to take full advantage of its sulfur component:

  1. The initial process that reduces the potency of MSM is when manufacturers crush the raw crystals and convert them into a powder to prevent their machines from jamming.
  2. In addition, sulfur melts at a relatively low temperature of 239° Fahrenheit, while Bergstrom Nutrition heats its OptiMSM supplement to twice that level (486 degrees F) as part of its purification process.
  3. OptiMSM powders also contain a common dietary supplement additive called silicon dioxide which Bergstrom includes as an anti-caking agent. Even though the amount of silicon dioxide in OptiMSM is minuscule and does not pose a health risk, there is a significant downside: silicon dioxide reacts with sulfur, limiting its health benefits.
  4. By studying the packaging labels of pills and tablets, you may notice calcium stearate or magnesium stearate listed under ‘Other Ingredients.’ Even though the Food and Drug Administration classifies these substances as GRAS (generally regarded as safe), their inclusion will further restrict our body’s ability to take full advantage of the sulfur that is incorporated in the MSM supplement.
  5. If you buy and consume MSM capsules, how much of what you bought is actually MSM versus an outer shell coating like gelatin? How do you know that you are receiving your money’s worth from your purchase?
Don’t make this mistake when ordering MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

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