How much time each day do you spend reading and watching the news stories that are broadcast out of your computers and television sets? Do you maintain a sense of peace and calm, or are you stressed out by fear, anxiety, and anger?

You are what you consume — not only what you eat and drink, but also by the thoughts and emotions that fill your mind.

Television and the Internet are two of the technological marvels of our modern age. As global communication systems, they are intrinsically neither good nor bad. Their content and how it’s presented and perceived are key drivers.

Reduce Stress by Following This Simple Step
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  • 2022-03-29 at 10:20 am

    The Fourth Way to Enlightenment
    Robert Sepehr
    Mar 27, 2022
    The Fourth Way is an approach to enlightenment developed by George Gurdjieff over years of travel in the East, harmonizing what he saw as three established traditional “ways” or “schools”: those of the body, the emotions, and the mind, or of Fakirs (Sufis), Monks and Yogis, respectively. Gurdjieff taught that man must, while incarnate, create a soul whose substance could withstand the shock of death.


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