Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

The simulation exercise known as Event 201 that was held in New York in October 2019 was staged to serve two major purposes: (1) To outline what may happen in the event of an actual coronavirus pandemic; and (2) To make sure the media, government officials, and mainstream medical community work together in controlling the flow of information once the pandemic occurred.

Since the start of the Covid-19 ‘crisis’ in March 2020, the corporate media giants have cooperated in presenting their one-sided coverage using the same verbiage. Dissenting views and comments are either ridiculed or censored. It’s no surprise that media coverage has been so biased, when you factor in the amount of advertising dollars doled out by Big Pharma to the network news outlets. Below are excerpts from two Internet posts that describe the situation.

December went out with a bang for pharma brands on TV as top advertisers shelled out $217 million in the biggest spending month of the year.

Beth Snyder Bulik, “Pharma TV ad spenders blow up December with spendiest month of 2020,” FiercePharma, Jan. 6, 2021.

Montage: Pfizer Sponsors News On ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN
Well, this is totally normal and not at all a conflict of interest— Whitney Webb (@_whitneywebb) October 19, 2021

Tim Hains, “Montage: Pfizer Sponsors News On ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN,” Real Clear Politics, Oct 19, 2021.
Reduce Stress by Following This Simple Step
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    The Fourth Way to Enlightenment
    Robert Sepehr
    Mar 27, 2022
    The Fourth Way is an approach to enlightenment developed by George Gurdjieff over years of travel in the East, harmonizing what he saw as three established traditional “ways” or “schools”: those of the body, the emotions, and the mind, or of Fakirs (Sufis), Monks and Yogis, respectively. Gurdjieff taught that man must, while incarnate, create a soul whose substance could withstand the shock of death.


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