The Healing Potential of Biophotons

In 2016 Christina Sarich authored a report called, “Coherent Light (Biophoton) Can Heal Cancer and Other Diseases” where she explored the prospect that major healing can take place with the aid of light energy:

It has long been held that non-conventional treatments for cancer such as homeopathy, Tai ji, yoga, or acupuncture couldn’t ‘cure’ a disease because medical science simply didn’t understand how these modalities worked. German researchers have proven, with special equipment created for the study of photons stored in our DNA, that there is no need for chemotherapy, or other invasive surgeries to cure the body of cancer. As neurophysiologist, Karl Pribram, has postulated, German experimental physicist, Fritz-Alfred Popp has demonstrated, and many ancient cultures have proven, cancer (along with many other diseases) die in the presence of light.

Christina Sarich, “Coherent Light (Biophoton) Can Heal Cancer and Other Diseases,” Stillness in the Storm, Nov 1, 2016.

I conclude with a breast cancer survivor’s endorsement of Ed Skilling’s instrument that he developed called the Photon Genius that enabled this patient to recover without undergoing radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery. As noted in the YouTube video description box, the Photon Genius helps the body to detoxify dynamically and balance naturally without harmful side effects.

Photon Genius Client With Cancer Grateful To Ed Skilling, Skilling Tech, May 4, 2013
Healing Using Biophotonic Light Energy
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