MMS and Organic Sulfur

A customer asked me recently whether her son would receive even more of a health benefit by being given MMS in addition to organic sulfur. As a point of reference, MMS is chlorine dioxide that many alternative health providers are using to treat autism and other ailments.

The label on my organic sulfur packages warns against dissolving the supplement in chlorinated water because if this mixture is consumed, our body’s uptake of sulfur would be blocked by chlorine. At the same time, the Sulfur Study believes it is fine to take your prescribed medications and other supplements as long as you wait 30 minutes after you drink your sulfur beverage.

Two questions come to mind:

  1. Because of its chlorine component, would taking MMS contraindicate the benefits of organic sulfur?
  2. If the two products can be taken safely as long as they are administered separately, are there any added benefits?

I posed these questions to my drop shipper, who provided the following reply:

As I recall, Patrick McGean said that it is not necessary to take both products. However, it’s not going to hurt, either.
Would I receive extra benefit by taking organic sulfur and MMS?
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