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Some of my new customers hesitate to take organic sulfur at the suggested adult dosage of 1 teaspoon twice a day because they are concerned that they may experience a severe Herxheimer response where they feel very ill and fatigued and constantly have to use the bathroom to relieve themselves. The Cellular Matrix Study has been providing organic sulfur to the global community for 22 years and has developed an alternative protocol to mitigate detox concerns.

The Study has found this dosage protocol to help reduce the chances of a detox reaction: 

Dosage Schedule:
Week 1: Begin with ¼ teaspoon twice per day
Week 2: Increase to ½ teaspoon twice per day
Week 3: ¾ teaspoon twice per day
Week 4: 1 teaspoon twice per day

How much sulfur should I take to reduce the chance of a detox response?
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