Applying DMSO Topically

DMSO has been successfully used as an oral, topical, or intravenous remedy to address a variety of symptoms. Because DMSO is a powerful solvent, use a cotton swab to apply DMSO topically, allowing sufficient time for the solution to absorb through the skin before covering the area with clothes so that none of the dye in your clothes gets absorbed as well.

Ron Smothermon, M.D. offered this suggestion and warning when applying DMSO to your skin:

The skin of the face, neck and intertriginous zones (where skin rubs against skin) are highly sensitive to DMSO and should be exposed only to dilute solutions of fifty percent (half and half with distilled water) or less. Any skin irritation associated with the application of DMSO can be treated topically with aloe vera gel.

Ron Smothermon, M.D., DMSO (a.k.a. dimethylsulfoxide), The Anti-Aging Clinic.

Despite all the anecdotal evidence of its efficacy, being a non-patented and inexpensive remedy, DMSO has received very little recognition within the mainstream medical community. The FDA limits its approval of DMSO only for the purpose of treating interstitial cystitis — a chronic and painful inflammatory condition of the urinary bladder that is very difficult to treat with other therapies. DMSO has also received FDA approval as a preservative of stem cells, bone marrow cells, and organs for transplant.

The one well-known drawback to taking DMSO is the garlic-like body odor and taste in the mouth that some experience. This can last for a day or two and the odor can be very strong. Drinking more water should help mitigate the smell. Conducting further research and experimentation, Dr. Jacob developed an odorless white crystalline substance derived from DMSO that is known under several names, including DMSO2, methyl sulfone, and dimethyl sulfone. Most consumers know this supplement as MSM, which is an abbreviation of methylsulfonylmethane.

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