Turning Waste Into a Health Remedy

In 1963, two Crown Zellerbach chemists, Dr. Stanley Jacob and Dr. Robert Herschler, led a team to develop a useful product out of the massive amount of wood pulp waste that was being generated at the plant. Their research and experimentation led to their startling discovery that they could obtain DMSO from pulp waste. Not only that, they noticed how plant employees — who often complained of chronic pain because they had to carry heavy loads as a regular part of their jobs — obtained quick relief by being treating topically with DMSO.

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Further findings resulted from their research and testing: The Crown Zellerbach team noticed that administering DMSO relaxes muscles, provides relief from arthritis and swelling, alleviates pain from sprains and broken bones, slows bacterial growth, and enhances the effectiveness of other pharmacological agents. Because of DMSO’s ability to penetrate human skin, they observed that if you apply DMSO to a bruise, the bruise dissolves and disappears in a matter of minutes! Applying DMSO to the jaw after wisdom tooth removal helps to relieve pain and swelling.

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