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Patrick McGean

The following remarks were compiled and edited from a series of emails that Patrick McGean (1946-2019) sent out to his distribution list.

• Nearly everyone is sulfur-deficient. Organic Sulfur is a food not a drug or remedy. Biology does the rest.

• Organic Sulfur found me rather than the other way around. In 1999 an 89 year old gentleman named Jay Farmer threw a bag of organic sulfur onto my desk next to a 800 count bottle of TUMS. He said, “Take this rather than those damn TUMS.” I did and the rabbit hole opened wide before me, Twenty-eight years of gastroenteritis was gone in 4 DAYS. The result has been a research project to learn just what organic sulfur can do.

Disruption of the Sulfur Cycle

• The sulfur cycle precedes the methylation cycle. The sulfur cycle in the U.S. was broken with a pen stroke: In 1954 Ezra Taft Benson (who was Secretary of Agriculture at the time) signed a rider to the Farm Subsides Act of the New Deal mandating the use of chemical fertilizers made by Big Oil. Promoting chemical fertilizers over organic alternatives removed sulfur from our soil and food. As a result, they’ve triggered an epidemic of degenerative diseases that were almost unheard of in past generations.

• What we have here is a failure to communicate at the cellular level. Many chronically ill patients are unable to transport oxygen across cell membranes so their cells can breathe. That is what sulfur does when it is bioavailable to our cells.

• The Draft in 1964 was a call to kill and I said no! Richard M. Nixon sighed me into the alternative service as a Conscientious Objector and I began learning the inside of health care as a retinal photographer who photographs the brain of Man. Yes, the inside of our eyes are all brain cells — neurology before your eyes, so to speak. Stayed seven years until I realized no one was listening to me.

• Sulfur combines with nearly every element contained in our understanding of the periodic table. Sulfates don’t process well in our body, which makes sulfates clear the trash. Sulfur never leaves the bar alone.

• In the Cellular Matrix Study we have at least 39 children who were previously diagnosed as autistic who now make eye contact and show true love to mom. Moms are important. We should listen to them.

• In our study we have found things our members say work, and these average age 77 year old young kids are rather frank. Over 1200 seniors (many of whom are vaccine-damaged) now remember who they are and are not going to the Home.

• We have tried to kill all comers with 8 to 36 times the amount of daily sulfur according to the FDA. We have failed every time. No one has died for any reason while consuming organic sulfur.

• Organic sulfur allows our biology to reboot every seven years. Sulfur does absolutely nothing, save for transporting oxygen and taking out the trash… the Trash of Man.

  • Patrick McGean
The Late, Great Patrick McGean Shares His Irreverent Wit and Wisdom
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