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I occasionally receive emails from new customers who ask what they can do to neutralize the natural bitterness of organic sulfur. It has been my experience that sulfur-deficient customers are the individuals most likely to notice and comment about the bitter taste because the supplement is very alkaline — Organic Sulfur has a pH value of 9.3 while a neutral reading is 7.0.

A common practice that I and others use that effectively masks the bitterness is to add either a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, or lime juice to your organic-sulfur-and-water beverage before drinking it. The bitter taste will become less noticeable as you complete your next sulfur cycle in about 3 weeks.

As an alternate idea, if your taste buds favor a drink that is sweet-tasting rather than sour, I suggest mixing in a half teaspoon of pure maple syrup instead of apple cider vinegar or citrus juice.

Organic Sulfur is naturally bitter-tasting. Here’s why and what you can do
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