Gloria Laudemus Gregorian Chant

The Solfeggio frequencies refer to specific audio tones (originally 6 tones, now 9) that many musicologists and scientists believe have a profound effect upon the conscious and subconscious mind that stimulates healing and promotes vitality. These frequencies were the fundamental notes or sounds used to score Gregorian chants and religious music of the 10th century, although their historical roots can be traced to ancient Sanskrit chants and the early Biblical era.

In the 1970s, Dr. Joseph Puleo rediscovered the original Solfeggio frequencies, bringing their benefits back into public awareness. In his research, he used mathematical reduction to identify six measurable tones that bring the body back into balance.

396 Hz : liberates us from feelings of guilt and fear, which is arguably one of the biggest obstacles we face in life.
417 Hz : alleviates the conscious and subconscious mind from traumatic past experiences.
528 Hz : the most famous of the frequencies because of its reputation for creating profound transformation and miracles.
639 Hz : helps to heal strained relationships and create new ones.
741 Hz : helps to open up and share our gifts with the world more fully.
852 Hz : returns us to our spiritual order.

Many who have studied this subject extensively believe that 528 Hz is the most noteworthy of the Solfeggio frequencies because it represents the key to the “musical, mathematical matrix of creation” — from the air we breathe, to the water we drink, and to the blade of grass that grows beneath our feet. According to Dr Leonard Horowitz, the 528 Hz frequency has the ability to heal damaged DNA, although there is not enough scientific research available to back up this claim.

In 1998 Dr. Glen Rein of New York’s Quantum Biology Research Lab conducted an experiment where he found that Gregorian and Sanskrit chants caused significant increases (between 5.0 and 9.1%) in DNA absorption, while rock and classical music do not provide such benefits.

In recent years, a number of sound healing professionals have been sharing their profound knowledge about the many benefits of this ancient discipline, including Jill Mattson, Niki Gratrix, and Kulreet Chaudhary, MD.

Thanks to the work of Dr. Puleo and Dr. Rein and renewed interest in this subject, many scientists have since unearthed more evidence supporting the positive effects that these Solfeggio frequencies have on the health of the human body.

Video: All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies

Below is a link to a YouTube video posted in 2017 where you can listen to the 9 Solfeggio frequencies that assist in detoxifying and cleansing the mind and body.

All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies – Full Body Aura Cleanse & Cell Regeneration Therapy

00:00:00​ : 174 Hz : Relieves Pain & Stress – added to the original list
00:09:00​ : 285 Hz : Heals Tissues & Organs – added to the original list
00:18:00​ : 396 Hz : Eliminates Fear
00:27:00​ : 417 Hz : Wipes out Negativity
00:36:00​ : 528 Hz : Repairs DNA, Brings Forth Positive Transformation
00:45:00​ : 639 Hz : Brings Love and Compassion in Life
00:54:00​ : 741 Hz : Detoxifies Cells and Organs
01:03:00​ : 852 Hz : Awakens Intuition, Raises Energy at Cellular Level
01:12:00​ : 963 Hz : Connects to Higher Self – added to the original list


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