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A friend recently asked me to review her $100,000 hospital bill that she received following hip replacement surgery that was completed last December at a clinic in the United States. I was shocked and flabbergasted after I took time to investigate every pharmaceutical drug and medical substance that she was given — before, during, and after surgery.

To honor and protect my friend’s privacy, I will simply refer to her in this report and all subsequent discussions as B.

B is a very health-conscious individual who takes proper care of her body by eating right and exercising regularly. She suffered a hip fracture while attending a social function in late December. She was admitted to a local hospital on Dec 27, had surgery on Dec 29, and was discharged the next day.

The source document that B sent to me was a three-page billing statement from the hospital that admitted her for treatment. While three service providers who were subcontracted to assist during the medical procedure also submitted separate billings, I did not include them in my analysis because their invoices lacked sufficient detail as to what pharmaceuticals that they administered and their cumulative billing total was much lower than the hospital’s.

DateMedicationAlt NameOpioidRemarksDosageInjUnits
ExalgoYesPain Reliever0.5 mg / 0.5 mlYes1
12/27/20TramadolUltramYesTreats moderate to extreme pain50 mg tab1
12/28/20HydromorphoneExalgoYesPain Reliever0.5 mg / 0.5 mlYes1
DateMedicationAlt NameOpioidRemarksDosageInjUnits
OxyContinYesTreats moderate to extreme pain5 mg Tab2
12/29/20HydromorphoneExalgoYesPain Reliever0.5 mg / 0.5 mlYes1
12/29/20FentanylApache, China GirlYesPain med used during anesthesia100 mcg / 2 mlYes1
12/29/20Calcium Citrate950 mg Tab1
12/29/20Ascorbic AcidVitamin C500 mg Tab1
12/29/20TramadolUltramYesTreats moderate to extreme pain50 mg tab2
12/29/20DiazepamValiumTreats muscle spasms2 mg Tab1
12/29/20PropofolDiprivanSedative-hypnotic agent200 mg / 20 mlYes2
12/29/20EphedrineEphedrineTreats low blood pressure during anesthesia50 mg / ml1
12/29/20GlycopyrrolatleCuvposa, Glyrx-PFProtects heart and nervous system under general anesthesia1 mg / 5 mlYes1
12/29/20KetorolacTorodolNSAID15 mg / mlYes3
12/29/20Sodium Chloride0.9% 1000 ml1
12/29/20MidazolamVersedSedative2 mg / 2 mlYes1
12/29/20CefazolinKefzol, AncefAntibiotic2 gm / 20 mlYes4
12/29/20CholecalciferolVitamin D31000 units Tab4
DateMedicationAlt NameOpioidRemarksDosageInjUnits
12/30/20Calcium Citrate
Used to treat calcium deficiencies950 mg Tab1
12/30/20Ascorbic AcidVitamin C500 mg Tab1
12/30/20Docusate SodiumCol-Rite, DocusoftStool Softener100 mg Cap1
12/30/20TramadolUltramYesTreats moderate to extreme pain50 mg tab2
12/30/20CefazolinKefzol, AncefAntibiotic25 mg / ml DSWYes4
12/30/20KetorolacTorodolNSAID15 mg / mlYes4
12/30/20CholecalciferolVitamin D31000 units Tab3
12/30/20HydromorphoneExalgoYesPain Reliever0.5 mg / 0.5 mlYes1
Anatomy of a Hospital Bill for Major Surgery Performed in the U.S.
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