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Turn on the nightly news programs. By watching and listening to story after story about the never ending spread of COVID-19 infections and the need for vaccines to protect us all, do you go away with complete faith and trust in what the news commentators and public health officials are saying? Do you become paralyzed by fear and anxiety? Or, do you feel you are being subjected to a sales pitch, similar to how carnival barkers work the crowds at an amusement park?

“Attention, please! Everybody step right next to the podium and line up six feet apart to receive the most amazing health remedy in modern times: Our fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine is now available for you in record time. Roll up your sleeves and be among the first persons on your block to be protected against this deadly scourge.”

If you dare to question the approved health narrative controlled by Big Tech and the mainstream media, you are very likely to be censored on the spot or labeled a conspiracy theorist who spreads lies and harmful misinformation. Sadly, free speech and a friendly exchange of viewpoints have been largely relegated to the trash bin of history.

How safe and protective is the COVID-19 vaccine?
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