A regular customer of mine (let’s call him Bill) who was diagnosed with prostate cancer ordered my supplement 4 months ago after he was not able to obtain positive results from his allopathic practitioner.

From the time that Bill started taking organic sulfur, we have been in periodic contact by phone and email. I recently had an extended conversation with Bill over the phone and he provided me with uplifting news.

When I took Bill’s latest phone call, I immediately noticed that his voice came across in a tone that sounded strong and with confidence. Bill indicated that the combination of taking organic sulfur in conjunction with the help he has obtained from a Bioacoustic Biology practitioner who visits him periodically from New Orleans has enabled him to feel the best he’s felt in years. He said he is not tired any more and is able to urinate without a problem. Bill also mentioned that his skin feels softer and the cyst on his neck and the warts on his hands, forearm, and chest have begun to disappear as a result of taking organic sulfur. He added that he is no longer bothered by lower back fatigue that had been plaguing him.

He is very happy by what the supplement has done for him, and that other men facing the same health challenge should be informed about organic sulfur as a viable protocol. Bill said that he is planning to take a PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) blood test in December to confirm that his prostate cancer is gone.

After Bill bought his initial supply of organic sulfur, I recommended the following protocol that was successfully used by another organic sulfur distributor I consult with who fully recovered from prostate cancer:

• Increase your organic sulfur intake from 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon twice a day.
• Avoid mixing organic sulfur in coffee and just dilute it in water in a normal manner.
• Change to a vegan diet because all “dead bodies” will create more health problems.

To explain the flaws in the Standard American Diet and put the nature of Bill’s health condition in proper perspective, I suggested that he obtain and read a book available on Amazon called “A Sane Diet for an Insane World” that was authored by Hesh Goldstein, who holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition.

Successfully Treating Prostate Cancer By Taking Organic Sulfur
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