Before my mentor Patrick McGean passed away, he shared his wealth of knowledge of what he observed and learned from speaking with thousands of customers as to what is possible when our bodies are properly hydrated and provided with daily doses of organic sulfur. He took the time to answer these questions that a customer posed to me in April, 2019:

  1. Some people warn me that taking sulfur is hard on the kidneys. Is that true?
  2. Why am I noticing that the inside of my left ear is itching after I started taking the product? Is this the sign of an allergic reaction? The itching goes away after I place my finger in my ear and move it around.
  3. A couple of my toes are plagued with fungus that doesn’t go away after using any of the standard creams and ointments. Can sulfur help in eliminating the fungus? Will spraying the fungus with sulfur water (1 teaspoon dissolved in 4 ounces of water) help?

Your kidneys are not harmed by taking sulfur. The itch inside your ear is a detox sign. Your finger changes blood flow, so that is why the itching goes away. Sunlight makes your toe fungus retreat, while spraying with sulfur water helps with the itch. Finally, taking organic sulfur internally will make the fungus go away.

Patrick McGean
Director, Cellular Matrix Study
Customer was warned that organic sulfur is hard on kidneys. Is that true?
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