This post is intended to alert readers to watch out for unsolicited emails requesting payment for pharmaceutical products that were never ordered. Below is the text to one such email that I received on June 15, 2020:

Order #ZS15M71639QTX confirm

Thank you for using our store T&O Pharmaceutical Network. We guarantee that our products meet the highest quality standards. For order number ZS15M71639QTX you have been awarded 1500 bonuses. Total: 13,200 are available on the account.

Order No. ZS15M71639QTX Details:
Natural Factors PGX Daily Ultra Matrix
Oral-B Glide Pro-Health

Culturelle Kids! Probiotic Packets 30

Your bill incorporates the total price and transportation costs.To learn more about the total cost, and data about charging and delivery tap the receipt, attached to this letter.

It will be shipped out today via Priority Express Shipping, per your request.We remind you that your request consists a few parcel with different delivery dates.

We feel confident you enjoy your acquirement!Your charge incorporates the whole cost and shipping costs.

If you would like to change / cancel the order, get in touch with the Customer Service Center at: +1(360)-295-9606.

Thank you for choosing us.

Regards, T&O Pharmaceutical Network.

There are several reasons why I believe this was either a scam or, at best, a test email submission that was delivered to me and, very likely, to other recipients before the sender’s website was properly set up to handle online orders:

• The cover letter and invoice were not personally addressed to me by name. Rather, they were delivered to a business email account that I do not use to purchase consumer goods and services while I’m online. I only use a personal email address to complete such transactions.

T&O Pharmaceutical Network invoice dated June 15, 2020

• The invoice I received showed a street address (1115 Nostrand Ave) that belongs to Pab Pharmacy located in Brooklyn, New York, while the seller (T&O Pharmaceutical Network) listed on the invoice did not match the name of this pharmacy.

Google Maps view of Pab Pharmacy, Brooklyn

• A web search for T&O Pharmaceutical Network brought up zero results.

• Performing a lookup on, I noticed that the phone number (360-295-9606) on the invoice is associated with a Voice over IP number located in the state of Washington, not New York.

Search for 360-295-9606 on

• While the company’s URL address ( does bring up an actual home page in a web browser, the displayed content clearly indicates that the site is not ready to accept and process real transactions, as the products for sale have fake names full of dummy (default) content.

On sale products on T&O Pharmaceuticals' website

• The domain name was created only a month ago (on May 17, 2020), while the sender’s email address was set up on GoDaddy on Nov 15, 2019.

Domain name creation date for
Creation date of sender's email account on

As a precautionary measure, I did report this suspicious email submission to, to GoDaddy, and on the website.

Suspicious email from a pharmaceutical retailer
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