Patrick McGean

Originally published in an email dated March 10, 2019.

Organic Sulfur is the element made by the Great Spirit to remove the trash man has made for profit. Even the toxins of Fukushima sulfate out of the body of man and humans.

Every element of the known and man-made periodic table sulfates out of the body of humans, save for iodine. Vaccine damage sulfates out and no one lost in their own mind remains lost. They come BACK! Vax in, vax out, It’s biology! CAPICHE?

Chemical fertilizers broke the sulfur cycle. Biology has provided us with organic sulfur as an accident. We can add the sulfur back into our diet without changing the world. Our biology regenerates every day if it can. Every cell must breathe in, then breathe out. Where is the sulfur?

pHarma need not be our enemy if they are BANKRUPT! Organic sulfur crystals have replaced EVERY DRUG pHarma has made.

The Cellular Matrix Study has had no “repositions.” Reorders, YES! Independent distributors, YES! — Those who survive on the research and the business.

WHERE IS THE SULFUR? Got sulfur? Got Secret Knowledge Skin Cream? Got PAV wound care salve? Got Iodine? Our market is 7+ billion and growing if we are positive in our approach. I hope this word construction is an example of knowing from observation, not opinion.

Memorable quotes from the late, great Patrick McGean (first in a series)
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