A customer recommended that I watch a YouTube video that suggests that metformin – a common drug prescribed for type 2 diabetes – could also be used to reverse aging in as little as 5 days. Instinctively, I felt that this claim should be viewed with caution and skepticism.

Conducting independent research into this topic, I discovered a Life Extension report from 2017 that contained the following statement:

A committed group of scientists is seeking to validate metformin as the first-ever anti-aging medication. In this day of staggering drug prices, metformin is available as a low-cost generic. One mechanism by which metformin works is by activating AMPK, an enzyme inside cells that lowers blood sugar by promoting energy utilization.

“Will Metformin Become the First Anti-Aging Drug?”

Further research revealed a lengthy list of concerns about the safety of taking metformin, as noted in a March 2019 report by Lana Burgess (reviewed by Alan Carter, PharmD) that was published in Medical News Today.

Common side effects of metformin include:
• digestive problems, such as diarrhea, vomiting, and flatulence
• a vitamin B-12 deficiency
• slight weight loss

Less common symptoms include:
• weakness
• shortness of breath
• nerve damage
• reduced kidney function
• hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) if insulin is also taken
• lactic acidosis – a potentially life-threatening condition

Consult your doctor before stopping your metformin treatment. Taking metformin with food reduces the risk of digestive problems. Around 30 percent of people taking metformin in the long term experience vitamin B-12 deficiency.

In addition to metformin, stem cells – undifferentiated cells that can turn themselves into specific cells as needed – are being researched by scientists for their anti-aging potential, as noted in this 2017 report authored by Maria Cohut for Medical News Today.

Stem cells in the brain determine how quickly our bodies age, researchers have noted. But by introducing fresh stem cells, part of the aging process could be slowed down or reversed, a new study finds.

“Could stem cells reverse the aging process?”

Patrick McGean has learned from consulting with thousands of customers over the past 20 years that taking organic sulfur daily and being properly hydrated allows oxygen to enter cells so that their healthy regeneration can take place. The average age of Cellular Matrix Study members is 77 years old, and taking organic sulfur is promoted as a way to help our bodies stay youthful by regenerating healthy cells.


Is Metformin a safe and effective anti-aging drug?
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