Two food sources for lithium: lentils and pistachios
Two sources of bioavailable lithium: lentils and pistachios

Found in trace amounts in many foods such as pistachios and legumes and in drinking water obtained from fresh water sources such as river basins, lithium is an alkali metal that doctors have prescribed to treat patients with psychiatric conditions such as bipolar disorder. Lithium also has shown promise in remediating dementia and Alzheimer’s disease cases, according to an early study published in Current Alzheimer’s Research in 2013.

Other foods that are known to contain lithium include crustaceans such as shrimp and lobster, kelp, blue corn, dried fruits, and coffee. While the minimum daily allowance for lithium has not been established, the likelihood of sustaining an adverse side effect from consuming foods containing lithium is unlikely, as their levels are extremely low (thousandths of a milligram).


What Foods Contain Lithium?
Andrea Cespedea | LiveStrong

Using lithium to treat cognitive decline and psychiatric disorders
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