Reader says, “Was wondering if you can recommend a protocol for my elderly father who suffered a really bad stroke several years ago and has since been diagnosed with alzheimers. Our family cares for him at home and he is not taking any meds – only supplements and products prescribed by a naturopathic doctor. We plan on starting him on sulfur but would like to know what you suggest.”

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Over the years, Cellular Matrix Study director Patrick McGean has learned that adding organic sulfur to a senior citizen’s diet has enabled many of them to recover from their afflictions and remember who they are. The recommended dosage of organic sulfur is the same as for all adults who weigh less than 200 pounds: one teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water and consumed twice a day approximately 12 hours apart. Maintaining regular eye contact with the elderly who suffer from Alzheimers or the aftermath of a stroke is essential, for that is what will help their eyes to regain their ability to transmit and receive information via the retina.

In addition, here are excerpts from three reports that describe some of the natural and alternative healing techniques that have been used to recover from a stroke.

Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Stroke

Blocked arteries, ruptured blood vessels, or blood clots can cause a stroke. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) may help with stroke prevention and recovery. CAM treatments can include massage, dietary supplements, or acupuncture to manage stress.

Natural Remedies for Stroke Recovery
FlintRehab | June 27, 2016

Natural remedies for stroke recovery offer a gentle way to heal the body without the potential harsh side effects of pharmaceuticals. While modern medicine can play an important role in your recovery, this article will tie everything back to natural solutions. Although some may not seem like your typical ‘natural remedies,’ they’re still great options to consider.

Curcumin: The Spice that Helps Prevent Cancer – Now Being Used to Repair Stroke Damage
Dr. Mercola | March 2, 2011

Scientists have created a new molecule from curcumin, the key chemical component of the spice turmeric. In laboratory experiments, the molecule was shown to affect the mechanisms that protect and regenerate brain cells after a stroke. The new curcumin compound, called CNB-001, actually repairs stroke damage at the molecular level.

Taking Organic Sulfur to Help Recover From a Stroke
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