Margaret SelemeResearching the possible causes of autism, ADD, and ADHD, Margaret Seleme discovered how organic sulfur can combat many illnesses after listening to one of Patrick McGean’s interviews with Ancient Purity co-founder Clive de Carle. Subsequently, she became McGean’s study director in Bolivia and began importing the food supplement to her country.

The following is an excerpt from Margaret Seleme’s report entitled, “Could These Nutritional Supplements be a Cure for Autism, ADD & ADHD?” that is posted on the Inspired Parenting website:

Just recently, I read the article “Researchers at Harvard Reveal 10 Toxins that are Causing ADHD, Autism” in which two doctors—Dr. Phillipe Grandjean, researcher at Harvard School of Public Health and Dr. Landrigan, of New York’s Mount Sinai—explain how they believe ten toxins are the causes of illnesses such as ADD, ADHD and Autism.

The researchers say that neurotoxins “contribute to a ‘silent pandemic’ of neurobehavioral deficits that is eroding intelligence, disrupting behaviors, and damaging societies.”

…Here’s the list:
…Number 1: Lead
…Number 2: Methylmercury
…Number 3: Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)
…Number 4: Arsenic
…Number 5: Toluene
…Number 6: Manganese
…Number 7: Fluoride
…Number 8: Chlorpyrifos and DDT (pesticides)
…Number 9: Tetrachloroethylene
…Number 10: The polybrominateddiphenyl ethers (PBDEs)

In descrbing organic sulfur in her Inspired Parenting report, the author referenced a post (in slightly revised form) that is published on Patrick Timpone’s One Radio Network website:

“Organic sulfur is a food not a drug. It is a biologically active form of sulfur found in all living organisms. It is extracted from the Pine Tree Lignin.

“Also known as Methylsulfonylmethane, it has not been processed past precipitation into its crystalline matrix. Sulfur exists as a crystal in its mineral and organic forms. It yields best results when no fillers, anti-caking agents or preservatives are added. Flow or anti caking agents are deemed necessary for the production of powders for pills and capsules, however, these interfere with the uptake of sulfur.”

Citing Patrick Timpone a second time, Ms. Seleme’s article mentioned that the apparent way that organic sulfur works is that “it transports oxygen to the cells, and takes away the toxins lodged in the cell, eliminating them.” Her article referenced the miraculous recovery of an autistic boy named Zach, whose piano-playing ability is documented on my Videos and Podcast web page under the title, “Autistic boy plays Für Elise on the piano after taking Organic Sulfur.”


Could These Nutritional Supplements be a Cure for Autism, ADD & ADHD?
By Margaret Seleme
Inspired Parenting

Pure Organic Sulfur
Patrick Timpone’s One Radio Network

Researchers at Harvard Reveal 10 Toxins that are Causing ADHD, Autism
PDF download

Treating Autism, ADD, and ADHD with Organic Sulfur
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