You, the everyday consumer — not doctors, scientists, and lab technicians employed by Big Pharma or the medical schools — are the backbone of the Cellular Matrix Study’s ongoing research project who provide valuable feedback of what is experienced after sulfur, an essential detoxification mineral, is added back into the daily diet.

Patrick McGean, the founder and director of the Cellular Matrix Study, suffered from acid reflux for more than two decades until an associate tossed a white crystalline bag of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) to him in 1999 and said, “Take this, you young whippersnapper, instead of those TUMS™.” McGean took the man’s advice and noticed that he no longer suffered from acid indigestion after just a few days and was able to dispense with TUMS™ as a stopgap remedy. A short time later, McGean helped his son recover from a very serious case of testicular cancer by convincing him to take this same MSM.

The Cellular Matrix Study evolved from those humble beginnings. McGean began to investigate the influence that sulfur has on human health. He learned about Dr. Otto Warburg’s Nobel Prize-winning research from the early 1930s that revealed that cancer cells are able to consume glucose instead of oxygen for energy production – a phenomenon known today as the Warburg effect. McGean was further intrigued by a British study of 28,000 breast cancer patients who all survived between 1975 and 2000 after they repudiated conventional treatments and began to take a potent form of MSM.

Testing various MSM supplements, McGean has found that most are incapable of regenerating cells because they are subjected to manufacturing processes past the point of precipitation and/or are crushed into a powder. McGean’s organic sulfur that he endorses and sells through his network of distributors is tested in-house to ensure that it consists of a pure crystalline MSM precipitate.

Why Most People Are Sulfur-Deficient

The aftermath of World War II is key to understanding the changes that occurred in commercial food production that have contributed to the disease epidemic we see today.

Source: Death to Diabetes

For instance, ammonium nitrate was manufactured in large quantities to produce wartime explosives, and there was a need to dispose of or profitably reuse this material after the fighting stopped. Over time, agricultural interests became the primary beneficiary of this redeployment, whereby, factories which had been producing their chemical compounds for munitions started to use them to make and sell fertilizers on a massive scale. According to Patrick McGean, the leading formula for most chemical fertilizers used worldwide consists of ammonium sulfate and ammonium nitrate. He added that these chemical fertilizers bind up any free sulfur that may exist in rain water, which destroys the natural sulfur cycle that persisted when organic fertilizers were the norm.

In this regard, Jack Challem’s NaturoDoc report entitled, “Sulfur is unquestionably an essential nutrient. So why doesn’t anyone consider it that?” described the vitally important health functions that sulfur fulfills.

Imagine a nutrient more important to health than magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, sodium, iodine-and, for that matter, many vitamins. Assume that it has incredibly diverse roles, boosting resistance to disease, helping regulate blood sugar, preventing aches and pains, and even holding your skin and organs together. It’s a nutrient so essential for life that you would die without it. But get this: it has been all but ignored by dietitians, physicians, and researchers. The nutrient is sulfur, a yellow mineral referred to as brimstone in the Bible and used medicinally for thousands of years.

In 2013 Dr. Mercola published an article entitled, “How Organic Farming Could Release Us From the Curse of Fertilizer,” where he explained that inorganic fertilizers commonly used today consist of varying levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and that the over-fertilization of prime farmland, such as in Minnesota, has caused that region’s drinking water to contain an excess amount of nitrogen that could be a potential source of cancer and thyroid and reproductive maladies.

In the same article, Dr. Mercola cited expert feedback that he received from soil biology researcher and microbiologist Dr. Elaine Ingham, who stated that the real nutrition that plants require does not come from chemical additives, but rather is obtained by having the right balance of microorganisms in the soil (e.g., beneficial species of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, microarthropods, and earthworms) that can convert the natural minerals in the ground into plant-available forms.

A website called Today’s Homeowner published Julie Day’s report entitled, “The Debate over Organic vs. Chemical Fertilizers,” where the author pointed out that the advantages (rapid assimilation and inexpensive cost) of today’s fertilizers are offset by the fact that they typically don’t include important trace minerals that are gradually depleted by repeated crop plantings, resulting in long-term damage to the soil.

Moreover, Dr. Mercola’s report that I cited earlier also revealed that two critical fertilizer ingredients — phosphorus and potassium — can not be synthesized like nitrogen, and that there is a risk of shortages caused by their aggressive deployment by large-scale farming operations.

Finally, Rodale’s Organic Life published Joe Debrow’s 2014 report entitled, “When Did We Start Using So Many Pesticides? Natural Prophets outlines how organic pioneers pushed against the chemical farming boom in America where the writer described the adverse health effects of chemical fertilizers.

Most of these new agricultural chemicals were known to be highly toxic, although the specific risks—such as bio-accumulation in humans, development of birth defects, creation of algal blooms in the oceans, and destruction of the stratospheric ozone layer—would not be discovered for many years.

Results and Recommendations

Several Internet articles have referenced the type of health conditions that appear to respond favorably to a twice-a-day intake of organic sulfur.

Organic sulfur crystals are a miracle food that provides amazing health benefits
Ethan A. Huff | Natural News
July 22, 2010

The Sulfur Study: Early results of an experimental study using Organic Sulfur
Patrick McGean, Director
Cellular Matrix Study

On his weekly radio show heard on the American Voice Radio Network, McGean has been known to disclose the number (last count: 54) of organic sulfur customers who were able to cancel their open heart surgeries at the last minute because their EKG readings returned to normal levels, as well as the number (over 100) of stage IV cancer patients who are still alive today. Over 30 children previously diagnosed as autistic (including Sofie Kovacs and Ethan Dorsey) have achieved a remarkable turnaround in their health after taking the product.

On the other hand, there are certain health maladies where organic sulfur is not as effective or fast-acting as other products and modalities. For instance, if you suffer from Candida albicans, I would consider Miracle II Neutralizer (either applied topically or orally) as a viable option. In addition, multiple sclerosis patients will need to practice years of patience and persistence in taking their organic sulfur dosage, because it takes approximately 7 years for all of the soft tissue cells to regenerate. Nerves do not regenerate overnight, and staying properly hydrated every day while following the sulfur protocol is essential in order to transport oxygen to the cells so that the cells regenerate themselves in a healthy manner.


Excerpted interview with Patrick McGean by Trung Nguyen

When Did We Start Using So Many Pesticides? Natural Prophets outlines how organic pioneers pushed against the chemical farming boom in America
by Joe Debrow | Rodale’s Organic Life
Feb 26, 2014

The Debate over Organic vs. Chemical Fertilizers
by Julie Day | Today’s Homeowner

How Organic Farming Could Release Us From the Curse of Fertilizer
By Dr. Mercola | July 02, 2013

Sulfur is unquestionably an essential nutrient. So why doesn’t anyone consider it that?
By Jack Challem | NaturoDoc

Our Sulfur Customers are Key to the Success of the Cellular Matrix Study

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