Customer asks, Have you had any experience combining organic sulfur with ozone therapy? Since sulfur transports oxygen from the water we drink, would it be more effective in delivering ozone to each cell? Maybe the ozone would penetrate deeper into tissues requiring fewer sessions?

My response

An Internet article entitled, “Ozone Enters Its Age of Enlightenment,” mentions the anti-pathogenic actions of ozone as its most important attribute. Cellular Matrix Study Director Patrick McGean agrees that ozone is a superb anti-pathogen.

My personal experience occurred in early 2016 when I underwent dental surgery to extract a cracked tooth and the holistic dentist applied ozone to the affected area. Before and after the surgical procedure I took my standard dosage of organic sulfur on a daily basis and avoided the recommended painkillers that were offered to me. In my follow-up visits, the dentist noticed that my gums were healing very quickly.

Did organic sulfur and ozone together work synergistically to speed up the healing process? Patrick tends to disagree, stating that ozone has no oxygen that needs regeneration.

Ralph Singer is the sulfur study’s expert on ozone therapy, and if you would like to ask him for his advice, contact him via his email address, which is:



Ozone Enters Its Age of Enlightenment
Ozone therapies today, and tomorrow
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Does Organic Sulfur make Ozone Therapy more effective?
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