The human voice is a marvelous sound instrument that has the ability to evoke a powerful response in the listener. Imagine being in a crowd where a popular singer or orator is preparing to step up to the mic. You hear them sing or say just a few notes or words and there’s usually a sense of awe and instant recognition. Composed of audio frequencies that can be mathematically measured using modern technology, our voice is a microscopic window into our emotions, our innermost thoughts, and the state of our health.

According to Wikipedia,

Bioacoustics is a cross-disciplinary science that combines biology and acoustics. Usually it refers to the investigation of sound production, dispersion and reception in animals (including humans).

Sharry Edwards is the visionary founder of the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health located in Ohio. Capitalizing on her many years of research and testing, she and her associates have developed sophisticated software programs that accurately interpret the audio frequencies, architectures, and harmonics of the human voice. While we may try to deceive others with our words, the frequencies that make up our voice are incapable of hiding our true thoughts and intentions. As described in a 1981 New York Times article entitled, “Reading and Writing; THE RIGHT VOICE CAN’T LIE,”

We might say that voice is the ultimately human, appealing sound we retain when all the impurities or interferences are filtered out, when contrivance, pretension, defensiveness and lying are eliminated. (In a sense, a writer cannot lie if his voice is right.)

The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health has developed over 100 Windows-based software applications that analyze a digital recording of a person’s voice in relation to a specific health concern such as Alzheimer’s or radiation exposure. The institute recently opened a separate website called the Sound Health Portal that enables non-Windows users as well as smart phone and tablet owners to run many of the same applications from their devices.

As a registered user since 2011, I have been running more than a dozen of the institute’s programs. As a way of introducing my readers and customers to the system, I invite each of you to test drive the online version of nanoVoice™, which analyzes the biomarkers that are present in the frequencies of your voice. nanoVoice is free to use and you are not required to register or provide payment using a debit or credit card.

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Sample report

Points of Importance, Attention and Consequence
You like to use facts as a means of persuasion. You have a strong ability to support others in their time of stress. Your highest note is associated with your internal perspective of insight and self awareness. Internal faith, fairness and fulfillment reside with this note. Your stamina levels are closely related to your emotions.

Points of Communication, Complications and Complaints
You have the ability to use words very creatively. You have the ability to inspire people using stories and demonstrations. You can get satisfaction out of being able to help others find and correct mistakes. You know how you want things to look but sometimes don’t have the energy to make it so.

For more information about BioAcoustic Biology, submit an email by clicking this link.


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What is BioAcoustic Biology?
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Sound Health Portal
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Reading and Writing; THE RIGHT VOICE CAN’T LIE
By Anatole Broyard | The New York Times
Oct 11, 1981
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Your voice contains nuances you may not be aware of
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