This year I have had the unexpected pleasure of fulfilling a large number of organic sulphur orders from overseas buyers. I am grateful that the health benefits of the product are being communicated globally. At the same time, I believe it is vitally important to point out the challenges of delivering this product to certain regions of the world.

While modern technology provides the core infrastructure for instantaneous global communication, product deliveries rely upon various systems that require approvals and transfers from one checkpoint to another. Even taking into account that airline services are used to transport packages overseas from the United States, deliveries often take 2-3 weeks to arrive at their destination – sometimes longer. If there is a significant delay, the bottleneck often involves the customs department in the country where the intended recipient resides. In such cases, customs officials choose not to release the product for delivery because they believe it is a pharmaceutical drug that requires a doctor’s signature or approval.

Organic sulphur – formally known as methylsulfonylmethane – is a food supplement, not a drug, so it technically does not require a doctor’s prescription. Moreover, organic sulphur is legally sanctioned for international trade via its assigned World Trade Organization number (WTO #2930.90). According to the World Trade Organization website, there are currently 164 member nations which have agreed to abide by the stated guidelines set by the WTO.

Researchers generally believe that sulphur is one of the most important of the trace minerals, as it is an essential element for life and is used in many biochemical processes. An important component of many enzymes and antioxidants such as glutathione, sulphur is also found in thiamine and biotin, which are two of the B vitamins.

Organic sulphur crystals are non-toxic and a fresh supply is required at (roughly) 12 hour intervals, as sulphur does not get stored in the body. Organic sulphur helps to make cell membranes more permeable so that oxygen can be delivered to the cells in an optimal manner, and it facilitates the removal of toxic waste from the cells. By transporting oxygen from drinking water (not from the air we breathe), sulphur enables cells to repair and regenerate themselves in a healthy manner.

Solutions to Delivery Delays and Failures

I’ve successfully delivered organic sulphur to the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Iceland, Croatia, The United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and India. From discussions with various organic sulphur distributors located in the United States, I know that the product has also been successfully shipped to many other nations such as South Korea and Lithuania.

On the other hand, I respectfully decline all orders from Mexico, as I have been repeatedly warned by my drop shipper that most packages fail to arrive at their intended destinations due to rampant corruption at the government level. As a workaround, we suggest to our Mexican customers to ship their organic sulphur to a trusted friend or relative in either Arizona, Florida, Texas, or Southern California who can hand-deliver the package to them.

Extended delays or non-deliveries have affected past shipments to the Philippines and several South American countries such as Bolivia, Columbia, and Peru. While I successfully shipped a two-pound order to South Africa earlier this year, a more recent order hasn’t been delivered to a customer who lives in another country located on the African continent.

I do not involve myself in the labor-intensive tasks of completing customs forms as well as packaging and labeling. I’ve delegated those functions to my drop shipper, who has standardized on the United States Postal Service as her mail carrier of choice. While I can not directly provide customers with the option to ship products using a competing carrier, I did negotiate with a Singapore buyer to have his 2014 order shipped via USPS to an Ohio address which he arranged to have reshipped to him via DHL.

Finally, there are three distributors of organic sulphur that is sourced from the same supplier that I use that directly serve the European Union community:

United Kingdom – Ancient Purity
Order Here

France – Apoticaria
Order Here

Germany – Goldkraft Trading
Order Here

Please contact each of these distributors to determine pricing and how they ship organic sulphur to areas in and outside their home country.

To my overseas followers: Thank you for your support!
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