“Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century.”
– Robert Carlton, Ph.D, former EPA scientist, 1992

If you ask the average person on the street why fluoride is added to municipal water supplies and many brands of toothpaste, it’s very likely that most respondents will say that it’s to prevent tooth decay. If you inquire further and ask whether there have been any safety studies that support fluoride’s role as a cavity-fighter, chances are that they’ll simply shrug their shoulders in silence.

Brief History Of Fluoride

Fluorine (atomic number 9) is extremely toxic and is the most reactive of all the known elements. Moreover, the quantity of fluoride in the earth’s crust far exceeds other toxic elements such as arsenic, mercury, and lead. Although scientists knew about the existence of metal fluorides during most of the 19th century, fluorine’s extreme volatility made it difficult to isolate until 1886 when French chemist Henri Moissan successfully performed the electrolysis of potassium bifluoride dissolved in hydrofluoric acid.

Starting in 1850, people, crops, and livestock were being poisoned by fluoride emissions from the iron and copper industries. By the turn of the century, the smelter industries in both Germany and Great Britain were threatened by burdensome regulations and successful lawsuits for fluorine damage (Ost, H. The Fight Against Injurious Industrial Gases. Ztschr. Agnew. Chem. 20:1689-1693, 1907). These enterprises avoided shutdown by introducing tall smokestacks that dispersed the fluorides and other toxins into the upper atmosphere. Today, it is noteworthy that one of the world’s leading medical journals (The Lancet) has gone on record to classify fluoride as a neurotoxin.

In subsequent years, corporate interests, the military-industrial complex, and various public policy agencies converged to create an unholy alliance that restricted public information about the dangers of fluoride. During the 1920’s, the U.S. Public Health Service was under the jurisdiction and control of Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, who just happened to be a founder and major stockholder in ALCOA (Aluminum Company of America). In 1939 ALCOA was the largest producer of toxic fluoride pollution and waste that was very costly to neutralize and dispose. Threatened by lawsuits from workers, farmers, and communities, ALCOA backed and funded a scientist named Gerald J. Cox to devise an experiment ‘proving’ that cavities can be reduced through fluoridation. Subsequent to his experiment that was conducted on lab rats, Cox began his heavy promotion of water fluoridation on his tours of the United States.

During World War II, Manhattan Project scientists convinced the corporate sector to manufacture very large quantities of fluorine in order to perfect the atomic bombs that were eventually dropped on Japan. It seems incredulous today that the first lawsuits against the U.S. atomic bomb program focused on perceived harm from fluorides rather than radiation. That’s right! To produce this new weaponry, massive amounts of fluorine were needed to manufacture bomb-grade uranium and plutonium.

Fluoride emerged as the leading chemical health hazard of the U.S atomic bomb program – both for workers and for nearby communities. As a corporate party to the Manhattan Project, DuPont had contracted with the U.S. government to produce a fluoride compound at its facility in Deepwater, New Jersey. At war’s end, a group of farmers in southern New Jersey filed suit because fluoride emissions from DuPont’s nearby factory appeared to be destroying their peach orchards and killing their cattle.

Like the fox guarding the hen house, longtime ALCOA attorney Oscar R. Ewing was named in 1947 to head the Federal Security Agency that, essentially, placed him in charge of the U.S. Public Health Service (Source: The Fluoride Conspiracy). Corporate attorneys representing the aluminum, steel, and chemical industries joined together to form the Fluorine Lawyers Committee to provide a impenetrable defense against an onslaught of citizen claims of fluoride injury, and to suppress disclosure of a Kettering study that revealed that fluoride poisoned lungs and lymph nodes of laboratory animals.

To dispose of these fluorides and shield industry from legal liability, the industrialists hired public relations expert Edward Bernays to implement media campaigns that were designed to rebrand fluoride as safe and beneficial that could have a positive impact on dental health when added to the municipal water supply. Bernay’s strategy encouraged producers of commercial fertilizers and explosives to jump on the fluoride-reduces-cavities bandwagon that turned their hazardous waste liability into an asset. Dentists across the U.S. and influential organizations like the American Dental Association were encouraged to join this effort as well. Interestingly, Dr. Harold Hodge, who had been the lead toxicologist for the Manhattan Project, later became a well-known advocate and supporter of water fluoridation.

Like the vaccine controversy that is ongoing today, fluoride opponents were discredited during the postwar years as quacks and lunatics opposed to scientific progress. Had plaintiffs such as the New Jersey farmers prevailed, it would have opened the floodgates for huge damage settlements in the future, and impede further development of the nuclear weapons that were being created during the Cold War era.

Finally, a website called Information Liberation included this revealing excerpt about the fluoride coverup:

The August 1948 Journal of the American Dental Association shows that evidence of adverse effects from fluoride was censored by the US Atomic Energy Commission for reasons of “national security” (Griffiths 1998). The only report released stated that fluoride was safe for humans in small doses.

Health Concerns From Ingesting Fluoride

Dental Fluorosis

Fluoride accumulates in the human body and can develop into dental fluorosis – a health concern that either involves discoloration of the tooth enamel (in minor cases), or produces white streaks, brown stains, and pitting of the enamel (in serious situations). In 2004, the CDC reported that 41% of children between the ages of 12 and 15 were affected by dental fluorosis – a percentage that represents a fourfold increase from the base year of 1944 (before water fluoridation was introduced in the U.S.).

Bone Cancer

According to the National Toxicology Program, lab studies indicate that fluoride is a gene-damaging mutagen that can contribute to the onset of cancer. Osteosarcoma is a rare but potentially deadly form of bone cancer. As noted in a post on the FluorideAlert.org website:

A national case control study published in 2006 by Harvard scientists found that boys exposed to fluoridated water during their 6th, 7th, and 8th years of life (the mid-childhood growth spurt) had a significantly elevated risk of developing osteosarcoma during adolescence. (Bassin 2006). The sex-specific link between fluoride and osteosarcoma in young males is consistent with the government’s animal study, (NTP 1990), which found osteosarcomas in the fluoride-treated male rats, but not the female ones.

A 1997 article written by Chris Bryson and Joel Griffiths that was entitled, “Fluoride, Teeth, and the Atomic Bomb” included this additional concern about fluoride’s effect on the bones:

Less-known to the public is that fluoride also accumulates in bones – “The teeth are windows to what’s happening in the bones,” explains Paul Connett, Professor of Chemistry at St. Lawrence University (N.Y.). In recent years, pediatric bone specialists have expressed alarm about an increase in stress fractures among U.S. young people. Connett and other scientists are concerned that fluoride – linked to bone damage by studies since the 1930’s – may be a contributing factor.

Lowered IQ Scores

Fluoride is not only detrimental to the bones and teeth, it can also adversely affect the function of the brain. The U.S. currently limits fluoride to 0.7 milligrams per liter of water. Because there is fluoride not only in drinking water but also in other beverages, in foods, toothpaste, and the air we breathe, many schoolchildren are exposed to much higher levels. Former EPA senior scientist Dr. William Hirzy led a pilot study that concluded that children whose fluoride intake increased from 0.5 mg to 2.0 mg per day would experience a loss in IQ of 5 points. A similar study conducted in China determined that children exposed to 1.4 mg of fluoride exhibited an IQ reduction of about 5 points. As an additional point of reference, a March 2017 report posted on Natural News estimates that the average American child consumes between 0.80 to 1.64 mg of fluoride daily.

Water fluoridation was a tactic used by both Germany and Russia during World War II. Note the words ‘poison’ and ‘insecticide’ on this vintage container of sodium fluoride. After the war, I. G. Farben chemists revealed that the Germans sought to control the population in the occupied territories by adding sodium fluoride to their drinking water sources because they found that:

…fluoridation caused slight damage to a specific part of the brain, making it more difficult for the person affected to defend his freedom and causing the individual to become more docile towards authority (Stephen 1995).

U.S. cities began adding fluoride to their municipal water supplies in 1945. Today it is estimated that over 60% of the U.S. water supply is fluoridated. In contrast, Fluoride Action Network published a report in 2007 that claimed that only 3% of the drinking water in western European countries like Austria and Belgium is fluoridated. Despite opposition from dentists and activists who are informed about the health effects of fluoride, New Zealand is trying to pass legislation that would effectively mandate water fluoridation throughout that country.

Take Action!

If you reside in the United States, it’s very likely that your community’s municipal drinking water has been fluoridated. As noted on the Fluoride Action Network website, numerous communities in the U.S. and abroad have rejected water fluoridation since 1990.

Self-filtering your water is one way to remove a major source of fluoride. Reverse osmosis systems do remove fluoride and other contaminants, but may be too expensive for some people to install and maintain. Others may opt for a portable container like the Berkey water filtration system. Note: If you opt for a Berkey system, be sure to order and install the special fluoride filters in addition to the regular Black Berkey filters.

Finally, shop for fluoride-free toothpastes. Organics.org published a list of fluoride-free toothpaste on its web page entitled, “Best Natural and Fluoride-Free Toothpaste.”


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How Toxic Fluoride Became the Dentist’s Best Friend
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