Vaccine-damaged when she was 18 months old, Sofie Kovacs has miraculously regained her ability to converse and live a happy, normal life after Tammy, her mother, was persuaded to start both of them on a dietary regimen that included organic sulfur (MSM).

In 2011 Sofie was nearly three years old and severely autistic. Tammy Kovacs had just borne a new baby and called my supplier, Patrick McGean, to find out whether it was safe for nursing moms like her to begin taking organic sulfur. During their initial conversation, Tammy didn’t say anything about her daughter’s autistic condition.

Three years later, Sofie’s amazing turnaround became public knowledge via a website report and broadcast heard over Patrick Timpone’s One Radio Network. In addition to attending school, Sofie speaks to autism groups in Illinois, which is a mandatory vaccination state.

PODCAST: Tammy and Sophie Kovacs and Autistic No More, May 1, 2014

On Jan. 26, 2017, Sofie and Tammy Kovacs were featured guests during the first hour of the Sulfur Hour Plus One radio show hosted by Patrick McGean and heard over the American Voice Radio Network. Sofie, now 9 years old, sang a couple of her songs on the air and responded to questions about her recovery.

In the Cellular Matrix Study, Sofie represents one of more than 30 children who were previously diagnosed as autistic who have recovered after they began taking organic sulfur on a regular basis. The common factor among these successful cases is that the mothers of autistic children also have to take their dosage of organic sulfur themselves and maintain regular eye contact with their child in order to ‘bring them back.’

Click the play button on the audio player below to listen to the Sulfur Hour Plus One radio interview with Sofie and Tammy Kovacs that was recorded on Jan 26, 2017 over the American Voice Radio Network. This interview can also be played back using a link on the American Voice Radio Network archive page.

Reversing Symptoms Known as Autism Using Sulfur and Royal Jelly

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