Dr. Sherry RogersAs a board-certified, family practice physician who has been deeply involved in environmental medicine for nearly 40 years, Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. is a much in-demand lecturer who has taught courses in 6 countries and published more than a dozen books on health, including “Detoxify Or Die,” “Pain Free In 6 Weeks,” and “Wellness Against All Odds.” Author of 20 scientific papers, Dr. Rogers also publishes a monthly newsletter called “Total Wellness™” that is available to the public as a paid subscription.

As Dr. Rogers states on her website, modern diseases are not the direct result of a drug deficiency, but rather have soared to epidemic levels in many categories because our body’s built-in defense mechanisms have been overwhelmed by the many toxins and chemicals that make up our food supply and environment. Reversing chronic disease by helping the body detoxify and adapt to the unhealthy products of the 21st century presents a major challenge.

In addition to providing a non–patient phone consulting service, Dr. Rogers appears on over 100 radio shows every year. On Oct. 6, 2016, she shared some of her insights about hormonal and gut health as well as essential nutrients as the featured guest on the Power Hour Radio Show hosted by Joyce Riley and Daniel Brigman. Below are two selected excerpts from that radio interview.

From 33:10 to 50:52

From 54:10 to 58:35

The Power Hour Radio Show
Schedule for the Week of Oct 3 to 7, 2016
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Dr. Sherry Rogers shares how you can become your own health advocate

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