World globeReader asks, I live in Zimbabwe and can I get your organic sulfur shipped to me here?

My response

My orders are packaged and processed with the necessary paperwork for overseas delivery by my drop shipper, who stated that she has successfully shipped organic sulfur to over 24 countries, including Lithuania, South Korea, and the Philippines. I know from my own sales experience that I’ve been able to complete orders that have been delivered to destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada.

A successful overseas delivery is partially dependent on whether the US Postal Service is able to assign a tracking number to the package. If a package does not receive an assigned tracking number, neither I nor my drop shipper can guarantee a successful delivery. I can take your order and try to make delivery under those circumstance, but without any guarantees. If your first order fails to be delivered within a reasonable amount of time, I wouldn’t recommend shipping a replacement package due to the risks.

My drop shipper also told me that she processes orders received from another distributor who sells the same organic sulfur that I do and has not reported any problems shipping two-pound packages all over the world. Even if his packages are not trackable by the postal service, they eventually arrive at their intended destination. While his overseas deliveries sometimes gets delayed in customs, he’s never had to deal with a missing shipment.

As a point of reference, I refrain from shipping any organic sulfur to Mexico due to rampant theft and corruption in that country’s postal service. Instead, I advise prospective clients who live in Mexico to use trusted friends or family members in south Florida, Arizona, Texas, Los Angeles, or San Diego as personal couriers who are entrusted to hand-deliver the package to them. You are in the best position to know from past experience whether a USPS package shipped from the United States is likely to reach its final destination in Zimbabwe, or whether you would be better off having a friend or family member hand-deliver it to you.

Is it possible to ship organic sulfur overseas to countries like Zimbabwe?

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