MenopauseReader asks, Can you address the issue of taking organic sulfur to treat menopause and post-menopausal women, including its ability to enable the elderly to invigorate or regain their sex drive? Can you provide any information in this regard? At a minimum, you could just confirm that it helps with such situations and advise what the general protocol or dosage would be.

Patrick McGean, my supplier, responded as follows:

What does it mean when the tissues of the vagina are no longer parchment dry? Girls want to have fun, too. They can with sulfur.

Menopause is the microcosm of what sulfur does, which is cellular regeneration. When dignified women who know me not tell me that they are moist, something has changed.

We were all conceived either in a fit of passion or love. Our biology began then and has continued to the present day, although now our perfect biology is being poisoned by synthetic products for the profit of man.

Due to simple biological chemistry, organic sulfur sulfates out all of the toxins of man’s environment. Sulfur combines with everything, save for iodine. And sulfur and its sulfates must leave our bodies every 12 hours. That is rule of biology.

When all the toxins leave, our biology returns to its beginning and we regenerate our cells and leave our past health symptoms behind. Let’s dance, let’s make love, let us learn war no more.

When 80 year old girls call to brag, I sit back and sing praises to the results. They have returned to their own biology where they can love and be loved in return. By taking one teaspoon (4 grams) of sulfur twice a day, our ‘girls’ say it makes them beautiful, no matter their age, and men less stupid.

I hope that answered your question.

Taking organic sulfur to treat menopause and post-menopausal women

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