Man buried by bag of debtReader asks, Why is your MSM brand so much more expensive than most of your competitors? For example, I’ve seen MSM listings on Amazon selling for $15 a pound or less. Please explain.

My response

Affordability is unquestionably a legitimate issue, especially in the current economic environment. I shall begin to address your concern by asking a simple question: Is there a significant difference in the quality and composition of the various MSM products that are being sold today, or are they essentially identical in the way that they are manufactured? In other words, is one vendor’s MSM product just as good as another? Are they interchangeable in terms of quality and can you obtain the same health benefit by buying the least expensive brand?

For a moment, consider what your driving experience would be like if you traveled 100 miles on a well-paved highway in a brand-new Mercedes or BMW. Would your driving experience be exactly the same if you got behind the wheel of a Volkswagen or a Model T Ford? Of course not.

The proof is in the results. Write down some of the key health benefits that you’re looking for in the MSM supplement that you’ve chosen to take. For instance, do you suffer from achy joints or chronic fatigue? Are you trying to wean yourself off of caffeinated drinks like coffee? Do you have scars that won’t go away? Do friends and associates tell you that your facial appearance makes you look 10 or 15 years older than your actual age?

Now begin to take your MSM as prescribed and track your health progress over time. Take a front-view photo of your face before you begin the protocol, then follow up by taking another set of photos 30 and 60 days later. See if you notice any difference. If your skin feels softer and more youthful-looking and you’ve noticed that you have more energy than before, then the product you’re taking is probably working as intended and you should continue along the same lines.

On the other hand, if the only significant change that you notice is that you seem to be more “regular” than before, than you need to ask yourself whether it is worth taking a form of MSM that only provides the same benefit as drinking a glass of prune juice twice a day.

In response to many requests, customers and readers can obtain an Adobe PDF copy of the Certificate of Analysis of my organic sulfur by clicking here.

Your MSM is so expensive!
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