Cool question markReader says, I’ve been researching different MSM products that are being sold online. Several websites advertise that their product is 99.9% pure MSM, although I noticed that theirs is actually OptiMSM marketed under their brand name. Is OptiMSM a good product to take? Is it as good as yours?

My response

Manufactured by Bergstrom Nutrition, OptiMSM is arguably the most popular and well-known MSM product being sold today. Dissolving rapidly in juice or water, the crystalline form of OptiMSM contains a common dietary supplement additive, silicon dioxide, which the manufacturer includes as an anti-caking agent. Even though the amount of silicon dioxide included in the OptiMSM crystals is minuscule and does not pose a health risk to the body, there is a downside: silicon dioxide reacts with sulfur to where it prevents sulfur from opening up the cell membranes and making them more permeable.

In addition, sulfur melts at a relatively low temperature of 239° Fahrenheit, while Bergstrom heats its MSM to twice that level (486 degrees F). The combination of silicon dioxide and high heat severely negates much of MSM’s natural health benefits such as cell oxygenation and regeneration.

I invite you to do the following comparison test: Take two identical drinking glasses from your kitchen cupboard. Place a teaspoon of OptiMSM in one and a teaspoon of our organic sulfur to another, then add and dissolve a couple of ounces of hot water into both. Pour off or drink all but the last couple of drops, then let the two mixtures evaporate overnight. Compare the appearance of the bottom of both glasses the next day.

Organic Sulfur CrystalsThe tiny, crystalline structure of our unadulterated product is an indicator of its potency, while the clump you will notice with OptiMSM will reveal its inert nature.

Whose MSM Should I Take?

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  • 2016-03-29 at 8:53 pm

    How should I order

    • 2016-03-31 at 6:32 pm

      You can order directly off the website. Click on the Store label at the top of the page and make your selection from there. PayPal is used to securely process your order. If you prefer to order by phone, that can be arranged as well. You would need to provide your phone number where you can be reached and the best time to call. (877) 782-6943 Extension 2.


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