Blind man with walking stickby Jasmine Pazzano, guest contributor
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What’s it like to see for the first time? Just ask the hundreds of people around the globe who use eSight, the world’s only technology that enables people who are legally blind to actually see. 

You may remember seeing one of our users in a video from 2015 that racked up millions of hits—it features a legally blind mother seeing her newborn baby for the first time.

Or maybe, you remember Mark, a veteran who saw for the first time in 20 years—his story also exploded in popularity.

These life-changing experiences happen every day in our offices—people with a variety of eye conditions come in to try our eyewear and see the faces of their loved ones whom they’ve never seen before.

For eSight users, their glasses are an essential technology that enables them the freedom to do just about any activity, from reading the smallest font in a textbook to perfecting their swing in golf. Simply put, eSight allows people of all ages to achieve their goals in education, work, and life, without the barrier of legal blindness.

Here’s what a few of our users have to say:

“When I first heard of it, I was like, ‘Wow, this can actually change my life.’ I went from just seeing nothing to seeing everything in my classroom.”

—Emma Rose, 8 years old

Click here to learn more about Emma’ story.

“When we lose our sight, we lose our confidence. eSight gives us our confidence back and not only improves our job but improves our way of life.”

—Otis, featured in this video about eSight at work

“The most beautiful part of living is being able to see people’s facial expressions. eSight has brought this pleasure back to life.”

—Ken, who’s featured in this video about what it’s like to see

So, just how do these work?

The eSight headset houses a high-definition camera and OLED screens (found in most cell phones) to capture and display a real-time video feed. A small, lightweight processing unit that’s connected to the headset does the real work of customizing what the user sees. Users can adjust the contrast, invert the colours, and zoom in up to fourteen times on what they’d like to see.

Here’s a link to a video with more information about how eSight works.

eSight is proud to say that we give the gift of sight to people every day. If you know friends or family members who are legally blind, eSight would love to help them book a demonstration with one of our specialists. Call 1-855-837-4448 to make an appointment or fill out the online request form at

eSight: Amazing Device That Helps The Legally Blind To See 
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