Women with smooth skinCustomer says, My wife and I have been taking organic sulphur for several weeks. While her overall health is good, she knows she is moderately overweight. My wife reported that after encountering a minor detox response when she first started to take sulphur that she feels her joints are more flexible and not as stiff as before. Also, her hair is less brittle and her skin feels smoother and more youthful-looking. We have been reading up on the many health benefits of sulphur and noticed that several respondents report that it helps the body even more if vitamin C is taken as well. Is this true? Also, I have read recommendations online that facial photos should be taken periodically while on an organic sulphur regimen. Can you explain the purpose of taking these photographs? Thanks very much for your help.

My response

As noted in this article posted on the Silver Medicine website, combining selenium and vitamin C with organic sulphur (aka MSM) is an excellent way to promote healthy eyesight and protect the eyes from free radical damage. Organic sulphur and vitamin C are also taken together as part of an alternative cancer treatment protocol. To ensure that any additives included in food supplements and medications don’t interfere with sulphur, be sure to take your sulphur beverage first, then wait 30 minutes before taking the other products.

Sulphur is essential for healthy collagen and keratin production and helps to promote healthy-looking hair, skin, and nails. By producing comparative facial photographs you are able to document how your body is responding to the product. Many report that they noticed positive changes in as little time as a week.


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Is there a benefit to taking organic sulphur with vitamin C?
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