I don't feel wellOur voices consist of a unique blend of audio frequencies that can be broken down into musical notes ranging from A to G#. Analyzing our vocal print using a special set of software programs, we can learn whether we are susceptible to a specific illness, are deficient in one or more nutrients, or have been adversely affected by toxic substances such as heavy metals.

Frequencies which can be defined in mathematical terms (Hertz or cycles per second) are what our brains communicate in and understand. Founded by Sharry Edwards, the Institute of BioAcoustics Biology and Sound Health is a non-profit research center in Ohio that has developed powerful software tools that are capable of “mapping” health conditions and nutritional deficiencies to the frequencies of our voice.

By recording your voice for 30-35 seconds using a qualified microphone, a trained practitioner can generate a vocal print analysis in the form of an Adobe PDF document that reveals whether the presence or absence of one or more notes is a cause for concern.

What is especially noteworthy is that Sharry Edwards and her BioAcoustics team have discovered that different individuals who have been diagnosed with the same illness generate a similar vocal profile chart. This characteristic can be used to your advantage in coming up with effective ways to address the specific health issue.

For instance, before the major media outlets broke the news that actor-comedian Robin Williams suffered from Parkinson’s disease prior to his untimely death from suicide in 2014, Sharry revealed on one of her guest appearances on the Power Hour Radio Show that she could tell that he was afflicted with this condition because his vocal print revealed the presence of Lewy proteins that are often associated with mental degeneration.

Using a Windows PC (Mac users require third-party virtualization software like Parallels or VMware Fusion), anyone can learn how to diagnose their own voice as well as their friends and family members. The BioAcoustic Institute has developed dozens of diagnostic programs, including software that specifically looks for bio-markers related to cancer, allergies, arthritis, ebola, fibromyalgia, heart issues, methylation, radiation, nutrition, and vaccinations. These programs are designed to move you in an optimal direction by helping you make decisions based on the data revealed by your vocal print.

As part of its outreach efforts, the BioAcoustics Institute offers a variety of resources, including invitations to weekly sessions hosted by Sharry Edwards, online video tutorials that teach you how to use the programs, as well as 2- and 5-day training courses for those who wish to become professional practitioners. A personality profiler software tool known as nanoVOICE™ is a free download that is designed to demonstrate how your voice has the ability to reveal important information about you. A sample nanoVOICE™ chart is displayed below. Click here to download the nanoVOICE™ software, charts, and user manual (Spanish version also available).

nanoVOICE sample printout

The BioAcoustics Institute not only offers custom software and training classes, it has also developed a biofeedback generator called the Square Two™ Tone Box that emits audio frequencies that retrain your brain to reverse the adverse state that your body is in. Tone boxes are either loaned to a client for 1-2 days or available for purchase. Click here for more information about the tone boxes.

Acclaimed musician Jill Mattson, a close friend and colleague of Sharry Edwards, has also been at the cutting edge in promoting a non-invasive form of healing by combining ancient wisdom and sound energy. Her website is called Jill’s Wings of Light.

If you have specific questions about BioAcoustics and the vocal analysis process, or would like to know if there is a qualified practitioner in your area, click here to submit your inquiry.

Our voices contain vital clues about our health
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