12 holistic dead doctors
Since June 19, 2015, at least a dozen U.S. doctors who practiced holistic medicine have died under mysterious circumstances. The latest case involves an Alabama-based chiropractor and clinical detoxification specialist named Dr. Marie Paas who was found dead due to an alleged suicide – a conclusion that is not shared by her close friends and family members. Details about the approximate time and location of her death have not, as yet, been disclosed.

According to ZoomInfo, Dr. Marie Paas held certifications in applied kinesiology and pediatrics. Both of her websites (healingwellnow.com and drmariepaas.com) and Facebook page have been taken offline. A cached version of her Healing Well website can be viewed here.

Could some of these holistic practitioners such as Dr. Paas have been targeted for death because they prescribed health treatments outside the mainstream paradigm of drugs, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation that serve as the financial ‘cash cow’ for the mainstream medical industry? Right now we don’t know. Our deepest condolences go out to Dr. Paas’ friends, patients, and family members.

Important! Holistic Doctor Deaths Recap. RIP Much Love
Oct 12, 2015

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Another holistic doctor commits suicide (or was she suicided?)

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