Man wearing boxer shortsReader writes: I read that 3,3′-Diindolylmethane, a substance found in the brassica vegetables such as broccoli and kale is beneficial for prostate issues. The “-methane” in the name reminded me of methylsulfonlymethane (MSM) and got me to wondering if you have any information or testimonials to indicate whether organic sulfur has been found to be helpful to address prostate issues, such as prostate cancer and prostatic hypertrophy (prostate enlargement)?

My response

Your bowels serve as the largest and primary mechanism for removing waste products from your body. A constipated or swollen bowel can put pressure on nearby areas that can lead to symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, cramps, hemorrhoids, indigestion, menstrual problems, nausea, prostate trouble, sexual dysfunction, and weight gain. Clearing the bowels and detoxing the body by taking a supplement like organic sulfur can help alleviate such health issues.

Dr. Mark Sircus is a respected acupuncturist and doctor of oriental medicine. In his 2012 article entitled, “Cancer, Sulfur, Garlic & Glutathione,” he noted that garlic and the master antioxidant called glutathione both have sulfur in common, and that studies in China revealed that frequent consumption of allium vegetables such as garlic, onions, and chives can reduce the risk of cancer. In one study, consumption of more than 10 grams per day of these sulfur-containing vegetables reduced the risk of prostate cancer by 50%.

Clive de Carle is a natural health expert and talk show host who is based in the United Kingdom. He offers various supplements for sale on his website called Ancient Purity. I’m on his email distribution list, and in one of his messages he offered the following commentary:

MSM is an important part of the amino acid chain. Radioisotope studies using S35 have shown that the sulfur atom in MSM is used by the body to manufacture the essential sulfur-bearing amino acids cystine and methionine. Without the presence of the proper amount of MSM in our body, other amino acids will continue to build up in the glands, but fail to produce complete enzymes. Consequentially, we may be prone to unnecessary illness.

MSM is extremely helpful in mercury detoxification, as mercury has a special affinity to bind to sulfur. Oral MSM supplementation is also effective against the onset of breast cancer, according to animal research done at The Ohio State University (TOSU) College of Medicine. Rats fed MSM for a period of just 8 days prior to exposure to a chemical carcinogen developed their first tumors 100 days later than controls (equivalent to 10 human years). Also the tumors first became cancerous 130 days later than controls (13 years equivalent), showing that even brief supplementation prior to toxin exposure can greatly slow the resulting degenerative process that results.

By definition, cancer is an anaerobic condition which is able to thrive and grow in organisms and tissues where free oxygen is not present. Other organic sulfur distributors who are part of the same Cellular Matrix Study network as I am have reported that their customers who were previously diagnosed with prostate cancer were able to recover from their condition without any medical involvement (sometimes in as little as two weeks).

If a cancer patient is using (or has used) chemotherapy as part of their treatment, they should follow the guidelines posted on the following website:

The Organic Sulfur Protocol For Cancer

The organic sulfur protocol for cancer is synergistic with chemotherapy and is designed to make chemotherapy more effective and less damaging. Study members suffering from cancer who took a minimum of 30 grams of organic sulfur per day during chemotherapy have reported no side effects. They experienced no hair loss, nausea, or diarrhea, while their oncologists reported a greater reduction of their cancer cell counts.

WARNING: Do not take organic sulfur if you are taking high doses of aspirin or are using any type of blood thinner. Also, if you are taking any prescription drugs, make sure to first consult with your pharmacist and physician about the safety of consuming high doses of organic sulfur (e.g., 2-3 tablespoons of the crystals a day) along with your medications.

Besides organic sulfur, cancer patients may also want to consider taking large doses of vitamin C to aid in their recovery. Again, be sure to get approval from your pharmacist and physician before doing so.

On the other hand, I wasn’t able to find substantiated evidence or examples where organic sulfur has remediated an enlarged prostate condition. In response to an article entitled, “Enlarged Prostate Treatment – Natural Cures,” an Australian reviewer named Peter offered the following feedback:

I’ve had a swollen prostate for over a year now and I’ve tried most of the natural remedies, like ACV (apple cider vinegar) with bicarb (baking soda), saw palmetto, willow herb and molasses with bicarb. I also take MSM (Organic Sulphur) with vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) everyday. I am constantly waking throughout the night to urinate from 4 to 6 times a night. None of the above apart from the ACV and bicarb have had any relieving effect.

Enlarged Prostate Treatment – Natural Cures
Sep 3, 2015

Cancer, Sulfur, Garlic & Glutathione
Posted by Dr. Sircus
June 25, 2012

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The Organic Sulfur Protocol For Cancer

Ancient Purity

Can prostate issues be helped by taking organic sulfur?
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2 thoughts on “Can prostate issues be helped by taking organic sulfur?

  • 2020-03-06 at 4:52 pm

    How about taking a solution of DMSO and Lugol’s iodine rectally for BPH?

    Safe? Effective?

    • 2020-03-06 at 5:59 pm

      I apologize that I don’t have the proper medical training or knowledge to advise you about the protocol that you suggest. I would submit your question to a naturopathic physician or integrative medical practitioner in your local area.


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