Punch bowlReader writes: If I make Margo’s Bridge Punch, I see that it takes two tablespoons of organic sulphur. I was only planning to use one teaspoon in the morning, and one teaspoon in the evening. Would I need to drink it right away after making it? Would the sulphur lose its potency if it wasn’t used right away?

My response

The recipe for Margo’s Bridge Punch calls for 32 ounces of water, so every 8 ounce glass of the drink mixture contain 1/2 tablespoon of sulphur, or 7.5 grams. A teaspoon of sulfur, which is the standard dosage taken twice a day, is approximately 5 grams, so every 8 ounces of Margo’s Punch contains 50% more sulphur than what you would consume in a single serving.

Our bodies can usually tolerate taking in more sulphur rather than too little. Any excess that your body cannot use at a given time should be safely excreted through your bowels. You do not have to consume Margo’s Punch all at once, as the sulphur drink should retain its potency over the course of the day. Nevertheless, if you are dealing with a challenging health condition and are interested in taking more than the minimum daily amount of sulphur using the punch recipe, I recommend that you consult with your physician or medical practitioner to ensure that the high dosage won’t interfere with the protocol that he or she has prescribed for you. Another suggestion is to encourage a family member or neighbor to split and share the punch recipe with you.

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Would Margo’s Bridge Punch lose its potency if I don’t drink it right away?
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