Reverse osmosis systemFrom a reader: I’m confused with the water I should use with organic sulfur. I have been drinking reverse osmosis water all the time to make sure I avoid fluoride. But I realised I was drinking water that doesn’t have minerals, which doesn’t help. I read a blog (her son is ASD, mine also) in which the mother said she was using Fiji water, but there are chlorides in this water, also. Should I drink R.O. water with sulfur and use Fiji (left on the counter 15 minutes) during the day to complete the amount I need to be drink during a day? Thanks for your help.

My response

Here is a simple way to use your reverse osmosis system and get the minerals you need along with organic sulfur:

1. Order an 8-ounce bottle of ConcenTrace® Trace Minerals.

This product is not sold to consumers via the company website, but rather through health and nutrition stores and online resellers like Amazon.

2. Dispense 8 ounces (about 236 ml) of R.O. water into a small pot or saucepan.

3. Add a few drops of the trace minerals to your pot of water.

4. Heat your water that includes the trace minerals, then mix in the sulfur and drink the liquid. For health and safety reasons, I recommend heating your water on the stove rather than use a microwave oven.

5. Also, you want to want to stop drinking Fiji water after reading the article entitled, “What You Didn’t Know About Fiji Water,” in which the unnamed author stated that the Fiji water bottle is manufactured from Chinese plastic, while the water source has been linked to typhoid outbreaks due to the island’s faulty water supplies.

An alternative to using ConcenTrace® Trace Minerals is to use Willard Water DARK XXX. Diluting instructions for using Willard Water® DARK XXX are noted below:

3/4 teaspoon to 8 oz water, tea, juice or other non-carbonated liquid (detox effects may be felt at higher dilution ratios, so first-time users are advised to use ¼ teaspoon and work their way up to ½).


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Willard Water® DARK XXX

How do I get my trace minerals if I dissolve organic sulfur in reverse osmosis water?
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