Parents Need AnswersDo you care for a child or grandchild whom you believe has been physically harmed by vaccines? If so, a new group called Parents Need Answers ( invites you to share your personal story. Parents Need Answers believes that parents deserve the right to make informed decisions about prescribed medical procedures such as vaccines that directly affect their children’s health. Understanding the ramifications of these procedures – both pro and con – represents the first step towards providing many parents with the information they need to become comfortable about vaccines.

Parents can usually tell when there is something wrong with their children. Parents Need Answers is tired of hearing reports of vaccine-damaged children that are either dismissed outright or told they don’t matter. In response, Parents Need Answers is determined to make sure that your heartbreaking stories are told. If you would like to connect with Parents Needs Answers, the easiest way is to send an email:

parentsneedanswers at

You can also connect with Parents Need Answers through their website and social media pages:

Facebook: parentsneedanswers
Twitter: parents4answers

Organic Sulfur For Health is not affiliated with Parents Needs Answers in any way and is only sharing the information as a public service.

New website caters to parents of vaccine-damaged children
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