Happy boy with arms outstretchedZach is your everyday 12-year-old boy who loves to jump on the trampoline and has exceptional physical coordination. Weighing just 80 pounds, Zach has not yet reached the stage in his childhood development where he’s begun to fill out his 5’2″ frame. With time, those changes will undoubtedly take place. As an autistic child, Zach’s communication skills are limited to expressing a few word labels and phrases. Affected by the vaccines that are commonly administered to infants, Zach began to cry incessantly at the age of 9 months. Zach’s parents stopped his vaccinations when he reached the age of 2.

In subsequent years, Zach’s parents have sought safe and effective ways to address their son’s condition. They put Zach on an all-organic food diet and started giving him Living Clay dissolved in water to drink – a standard detox protocol which stopped his incessant head-banging.

Recently, Zach’s mom listened to a recorded interview heard on Patrick Timpone’s One Radio Network show where the featured guest, Tammy Lorraine Kovacs, described how giving organic sulfur to her autistically-challenged daughter was instrumental in reversing the symptoms. Shortly thereafter, Zach’s mom ordered two pounds of organic sulfur for herself and her son. After just a few weeks of taking organic sulfur, Zach is already showing signs of improvement, as noted in the following dialog between Zach’s mom and me.


I’m new to sulfur. I’m taking it as well as giving it to my autistic son. He’s 80 pounds and 12 years old. Wish I could know about others who have tried this for autism. I’ve tried just about everything, it seems, so I’m not shy about trying new things. Wondering what the suggested dosage might be, 1/2 tsp. or 1 tsp for him?


Go ahead and start off by administering a half teaspoon of organic sulfur to your autistic son, twice a day. Over the next few weeks, see how both he and you respond to being on the sulfur protocol at the same time. You can always increase his dosage to something like 3/4 or a full teaspoon twice a day at a later date. Any excess sulfur that his body can’t use will be safely excreted in his bowels. To ensure optimal results, maintain regular eye contact with your son and make sure he’s drinking enough water during the day. Given his weight of 80 pounds, he should consume 40 ounces of water daily (about 5 glasses). If you notice that he’s experiencing a mild fever or fatigue, those are often signs of dehydration.


Good news, my son is so accustomed to taking supplements that I’ve had no trouble giving it to him in water, a squirt of lemon juice, and a few drops of stevia. Is that okay? Not sure about the stevia part.

So far it seems that the sulfur makes him hyper. Happy hyper, but hyper. And some loose stools. Eye contact was already present to some extent and has already increased. After first dose there was something “different” about him. I would suspect he’s full of bacteria and viruses.


What you are doing for your son seems to be on the right track. I don’t see an issue or health concern including stevia with his organic sulfur beverage. Of the numerous sweeteners on the market, stevia is the most alkaline, which is ideal. Although lemon juice is inherently acidic, it (surprisingly) has an alkaline effect on the body after it is metabolized.

While I’m not a physician, my sense is that the “happy hyper” response you’re seeing in your son is due to the fact that his body has started to release some of the toxins that have accumulated inside his blood brain barrier.

Patrick McGean (via conference call)

Autistic kids have their neurology messed up. They can’t remember who they are because of the crap that occupies the blood brain barrier. Zach’s mom should increase her son’s dosage to 3/4 teaspoon twice a day and to take periodic photographs of his face to document the physical changes. She should also start teaching math to her son via Crewton Ramone’s website (House of Math).


In the interview with Tammy Kovacs, she mentions using reverse osmosis water. I usually give Zach Fiji water or some other supposedly quality bottled water. Has the study indicated that one type of water seems to have a better affect? Maybe RO water is just pure, clean hydration with nothing added? Tammy said she could see the difference when they used just regular bottled water, so she took their own water everywhere, and wondered what it is about the water that would make a difference or maybe that the RO made the sulfur work better.

PS. Upped Zach’s dose to 3/4 tsp and he’s doing just fine on it.


Our standard response is that you shouldn’t mix sulfur in water that contains chlorine. Chlorine (#17) appears right next to sulfur (#16) in the periodic table of elements and is known to block the cellular uptake of sulfur. While mixing sulfur in water that’s been purified by reverse osmosis or another filtering system is great, as long as your drinking water isn’t chlorinated you and Zach should derive the same health benefits. Many customers (particularly those living overseas or in rural areas) only have access to a municipal water source. While I can’t offer scientific proof, my organic sulfur supplier contends that city water coming out of the hot faucet isn’t chlorinated and can be safely used with organic sulfur. If you only have access to municipal water, simply dissolve your organic sulfur in hot tap water and wait 10-15 minutes before drinking the mixture to allow sufficient time for the water to cool down and evaporate any residual chlorine.


So far so good. I increased my dosage to 1 tablespoon 2x a day. My energy level is high (for me, at least), my dreams extremely vivid, and mental clarity definitely skyrocketed. Feels a bit strange, actually, not to be in a fog!

As for my son Zach, he’s taking the 3/4 tsp. 2x a day that Patrick, your supplier, suggested. He is also doing very well. My husband said last night “he’s definitely more with it” these last couple of weeks. He’s 12, and he’s beginning to appropriately pretend play. I’m not sure how familiar you are with autism, but actually playing with a car rather than throwing it across the room is progress! Yesterday he wanted to purchase a cheap plastic instrument set, and he had the best time with it. He put on a crown, banged on the drum, was blowing on the flute, and marching around. It doesn’t last YET, but we’re seeing glimpses and moments of a happy boy. Priceless to be able to laugh with our son.


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With the help of organic sulfur, this 12 year old autistic boy is making a remarkable comeback
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