Normal vs Cancerous CellReader asks, Do you have case studies of individuals who have taken organic sulphur as a way of treating cancer? I’ve read several articles on the Internet that offer a glimpse of what sulphur can do in this regard and would like your perspective on this. Thank you for your help and time.

First of all, what I about to communicate and share with you should not be construed as medical advice but only as a source of additional information with regards to the treatment of cancer using organic sulfur. You should always consult with your physician before adding dietary supplements to your existing health regimen.

Back in the early 1930s, the Nobel-winning physiologist Dr. Otto Warburg associated cancerous cells to being anaerobic, meaning, that they thrive and multiply in the absence of oxygen. There are several alternative modalities available today that focus on supplying oxygen to cancer patients in order to help their body destroy the cancerous cells, and organic sulfur (aka MSM or methylsulfonylmethane) is one of those protocols.

Cancerous cells proliferate in an acidic environment. As the cancer spreads and multiples, the body becomes more acidic, so the process begins to feed upon itself. Organic sulfur, which is an alkaline food with a pH of about 9.3, helps reduce the body’s acidity to a more normalized level.

Organic sulfur can be taken with other medications and supplements (including vitamins) without fear of interactions. Many people take vitamin B12 and/or C in addition to organic sulfur. Just remember to take these products at least 30 minutes after consuming your sulfur beverage.

There are only 24 minerals of life, and sulfur is one of those minerals. As a necessary component in the methylation process, sulfur serves two health-related functions: it transports oxygen to cell membranes to allow the cells to regenerate themselves in a healthy manner, and it acts like ‘sticky fly paper’ to scavenge and remove potentially harmful toxins.

Unfortunately, the natural sulfur that we used to obtain from crop-grown food sources such as cruciferous vegetables has been reduced significantly in recent decades due to the over-reliance on chemical fertilizers that hinder the uptake of sulfur from the soil to the roots of the plants. While eating raw, organic food helps recover some of the ‘lost’ sulfur, large segments of the population remain deficient in their daily intake of this vital mineral.

Moreover, there is very little written in mainstream medical journals concerning sulfur and its relationship to our health. There is no minimum daily requirement, and most physicians assume that we get sufficient quantities of sulfur from the food we eat.

Finally, many people are under the impression they would incur an allergic reaction to taking organic sulfur when, in fact, their sensitivity is due to inorganic sulfides and sulfites that are commonly used to make products such as dehydrated fruits and wine. Organic sulfur is neither a sulfide or sulfite.


In his article published on the CancerTutor website, Webster Kehr describes two of the key issues that the MSM (organic sulfur) protocol addresses:

Lactic acid is the main component of the deadly cachexia cycle (i.e. lactic acid cycle), which kills about half of all cancer patients. Lactic acid is a major cause of pain, it blocks nutrients from getting to the cancer cells (which is why many cancer patients are weak), and so on.

Microbes in the bloodstream block the strength of the immune system and may create new cancer cells if the microbes include the “cancer microbe” (most likely H. Pylori), which will almost always be the case, etc. The MSM protocols deal with both of these key issues!

My organic sulfur supplier, Patrick McGean, has been extolling the health benefits of this food product since 1999 when an octogenarian acquaintance casually tossed him a bag that enabled him to end his decades-long dependency on TUMS® in a manner of days. In a follow-up case, Patrick’s teen age son was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and by administering organic sulfur regularly, Patrick helped his son recover from the disease.

Since those early years, Patrick has become one of the leading cheerleaders and spokespersons in the study and use of organic sulfur. His weekly radio show is heard Thursday evenings (6-8pm PT) over the American Voice Radio network.

People who have taken his organic sulfur over the years become part of his Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study, which now number in the hundreds of thousands, worldwide. In Patrick’s study are dozens of End Stage Cancer patients whose date with the Grim Reaper has been postponed once they started taking organic sulfur.


Most people know organic sulfur under its common acronym, MSM. As it turns out, many MSM products that you find online and in health food stores have been processed in a way that degrades or neutralizes their sulfur content. MSM capsules, tablets, and pills commonly contain additives like silicon dioxide or magnesium stearate that prevent sulfur from being fully absorbed by the body. On the other hand, MSM powders are often heated above sulfur’s melting point or have been distilled multiple times, which converts the powders into nothing more than a natural laxative without the other benefits.


Cancer needn’t be a death sentence and there are other treatments available besides chemotherapy and radiation. If you are suffering from cancer or are in close contact with friends or family members who have been diagnosed with this disease, I would like to offer this opportunity to discuss your situation in a 3-way conference call (at no cost to you) with myself and my organic sulfur supplier, Patrick McGean. Our conference call hours are from 10am-noon Pacific time (1pm-3pm Eastern) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Email info at to schedule a phone appointment. Be sure to leave your phone number so we can call you back to finalize the appointment. In the United States, you can also submit your request by phone by calling our toll-free message line at (877) 782-6943 Ext 2.


Early results of an experimental study using Organic Sulfur
By Patrick McGean, Director
Cellular Matrix Study

“Most Diseases Can’t Exist Long In Active Oxygen”
-Ed McCabe, aka Mr. Oxygen

MSM is a breast cancer miracle cure and so much more
Craig Stellpflug | Natural News
Sep 24, 2012

The Importance of MSM Protocols
Written by Webster Kehr, Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc
Last updated on March 01, 2015

MSM and Cancer

Cancer doesn’t like an oxygen or alkaline environment
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