Bela Lugosi as DraculaFrom the youngest infant to the oldest adult, most people face an uphill battle in neutralizing toxins because they are sulfur-deficient. Amyloid plaque in the blood brain barrier hinders our ability to remember who we are and may be a key factor in determining the cause of both Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly and autism spectrum disorder in children. While health experts may debate whether the cause is due to toxins in vaccines or glyphosate (or something else), one thing is certain: If we can help our body get rid of the plaque, then it may be possible to achieve a breakthrough in the treatment and recovery process.

Dr. Rudy Tanzi, Vice-Chair of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, had this to say about Alzheimer’s disease in a recorded interview dated Oct. 30, 2014:

“Now most of what we learned originally about Alzheimer’s disease in the 80’s and 90’s started with George Glenner at UCSD and he suggested then that Alzheimer’s was an amyloidosis of the brain that amyloid accumulates in the brain and this causes the rest of the pathology. So this was the beginning of the amyloid hypothesis.”

In early 2014, the Centers for Disease Control issued their most recent estimate about the rate of autism in the United States, conjecturing that 1 in 68 children are now afflicted with the disorder, with boys almost 5 times more likely to be identified with this condition than girls. Their latest estimate is about 30 percent higher than the numbers included in their 2012 report when the ratio was 1 in 88 children (11.3 per 1,000 eight year olds).

In January 2015, MIT research scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff offered her chilling forecast that half of all children born in the United States in the year 2025 will likely be diagnosed with autism. Dr. Seneff gave the continual use of glyphosate (the chemical compound found in the RoundUp herbicide) as the basis for her prediction.

In the 16-year-history of the Cellular Matrix Study, study director Patrick McGean and his team of distributors have uncovered a most interesting phenomenon: senior citizens diagnosed with Alzheimer’s who subsequently take organic sulfur twice a day are able to regain their ‘memory’ and get back to living a normal life. These changes have been observed in hundreds of instances.

Even more amazing results have been noticed with regards to autism, where 25 of these formerly afflicted children have begun to talk and communicate normally again after they were given sulfur on a daily basis.

In order to see a reversal in an autistic child’s condition, their mothers or guardians must follow these two necessary steps:

• They need to provide regular eye contact with their child.
• They must also take organic sulfur twice a day along with their child.

Over the years, the Study has found that when sulfur is only given to an autistic child that the child will begin to display signs of recovery but will still be unable to speak. What is the reason for this? It probably has to do with both parties taking part in a two-way non-verbal conversation at the frequency of sulfur, which resonates at 256 hertz (cycles per second). If sulfur is missing in the mother or guardian, then that communication link is never established.

Lastly, just remember this famous line uttered by Bela Lugosi in the 1948 comedy classic, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein: “Look into my eyes. Look!”


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Dr. Rudy Tanzi, Vice-Chair of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School
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Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

This report should not construed as medical advice and is provided for educational use, only.

Follow Dracula’s Advice: Look Into My Eyes!
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