EcuadorI recently returned from a 10-day trip abroad to Ecuador. I knew ahead of time that I would be experiencing wide variances in altitude levels and would be traveling to several cities in a brief amount of time. As result, I included a 1-pound container of sulfur in my luggage, as I wanted to see for myself whether taking the supplement twice a day would have a direct health benefit.

I toured Ecuador with 23 other travelers who came from Canada and the United States. Breakfasts began at 7am and we usually departed by bus for our next destination at 8am or shortly thereafter. In addition, evening events often lasted past 9pm. We were constantly on-the-go and were in close contact to each other at all times. Moreover, it was extremely difficult to get a good night’s sleep under our planned itinerary.

Quito is situated at an elevation of 9,350 feet and is considered the highest official capital city in the world, according to Wikipedia. In the northern highlands of Cotacachi and Mindo, our travel group encountered light rain and temperatures in the low 60s (15 degrees Celsius). In contrast, we changed clothing into shorts and sandals when we traveled along the coastal roads between Pedernales and Salinas.

At one of our introductory meetings, the tour operators cautioned us to avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables and to drink only bottled or boiled water because of the pathogens in the Ecuadorian tap water that we were not used to ingesting. During my two-day stay in Cuenca, I consumed a luncheon meal containing meat and potatoes that gave me a minor case of traveler’s diarrhea. As soon as I noticed the onset of diarrhea, I immediately took an extra teaspoon of sulfur. By the end of the day, the diarrhetic condition had passed.

Among my fellow travelers, more than half came down with a cold or respiratory ailment that was passed down from person to person. I was no exception. While I was pleased that I retained my normal energy level right up until the end of the trip, I was one of those who could be heard coughing in the hotel room or the back of the tour bus – a condition that finally ended after my return home to the States.


While I believe organic sulfur can provide noticeable health benefits for travelers, it’s certainly not an all-in-one panacea by any means. On this recent trip, I included a bottle of colloidal silver and took a few drops whenever I started coughing on a frequent basis. If I were to embark on another overseas journey similar to this one, I would undoubtedly include other supplements such as Vitamin C in my travel bag.

Does organic sulfur provide benefits when traveling abroad?
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Organic Sulfur For Health
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