Cultured and Living FoodsIn recent weeks, several website visitors have asked how my organic sulfur is manufactured and whether it qualifies as a living food. Here is my response.

It is my understanding that living foods refer to foods that are alive at the time of consumption, such as sprouted or cultured foods, foods that are still growing, or foods that still have their enzymes intact.

Specific details as to how organic sulfur is manufactured is outside my area of expertise, as I am involved in the marketing and sales of the business. My supplier, Patrick McGean, has repeatedly assured me in response to previous inquiries that the organic sulfur crystals that I sell are sourced from the lignins of pine trees, comes straight from the precipitator, and has not been heated above 271 degrees Fahrenheit, which would destroy its potency and natural health benefits. In addition, he added that no anti-caking agents, additives, or fillers have been added to the product that would block the bio-availability of the sulfur to the cells.

I have, in the past, taken a drinking glass containing a tiny amount of organic sulfur dissolved in water and evaporated the residue to verify that I could form visible crystals at the bottom of the container. It’s possible that the size of the crystals after evaporation may be a valid indicator of the supplement’s potency, although I cannot say for sure. Those of us affiliated with Mr. McGean’s Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study and distribute his particular brand of organic sulfur suggest that the efficacy of our product can be determined by taking before-and-after photographs of your face over a period of time to observe if healthy cellular regeneration is actually taking place.

If you require a more detailed response than what I provided, please contact me by phone or email and I’ll arrange to schedule a three-way phone conversation with myself and Patrick McGean, who would be able to directly answer your technical questions about the product during normal business hours, Monday-Friday.

Is organic sulfur considered a living food?
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